Mr. Conductor Shorts is Pikachufreak's YTV Crossover Spoof to every Pikachu short, starring George Carlin, Alec Baldwin and Michael Brandon as Mr. Conductors 1, 2 and 3, along with a variety of YTV characters in all twenty-eight shorts (19 that are dubbed, and nine that are undubbed), along with Thomas Stories made from the first seven seasons.


Episode 1: Mr. Conductor's Vacation

Episode 2: Mr. Conductor's Rescue Adventure

Episode 3: Mr. Conductor and ???

Episode 4: Mr. Conductor's ???

Episode 5: Camp Conductor

Episode 6: Gotta Dance

Episode 7: Mr. Conductor's Summer Festival

Episode 8: Mr. Conductor's Ghost Festival

Episode 9: Mr. Conductor's Island Adventure

Episode 10: Mr. Conductor's Exploration Club

Episode 11: Mr. Conductor's Great Ice Adventure

Episode 12: Mr. Conductor's Sparkling Search

Episode 13: Mr.. Conductor's Really Mysterious Adventure

Episode 14: ??? and Friends

Episode 15: Mr. Conductor, What's The Key?

Episode 16: Mr. Conductor and The ??? Music Squad

Episode 17:

Episode 18:

Episode 19:

Episode 20:

Episode 21:

Episode 22:

Episode 23:

Episode 24:

Episode 25:

Episode 26:

Episode 27:

Episode 28:

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