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Mr. Conductor Visits The Puzzle Place Home Video Adventures is based on Mr. Conductor Visits The Puzzle Place with episodes & a special framing device in between the episodes

Volume 1: Accentuate the Positive


  1. Rudy One
  2. Accentuate the Positive

Thomas Stories

  1. Daisy [Rudy One]
  2. Mavis [Rudy One]
  3. Harvey to the Rescue [Accentuate the Positive]
  4. James in a Mess [Accentuate the Positive]

Framing Device Guest Stars

  • Applejack
  • Rainbow Dash
  • Rarity

Volume 2: Rock Dreams


  1. Mad Music Magic
  2. Rock Dreams

Thomas Stories

  1. Thomas & the Conductor [told by George Carlin] [Mad Music Magic]
  2. Thomas, Percy & the Squeak [told by Alec Baldwin] [Mad Music Magic]
  3. Mind That Bike! [told by George Carlin] [Rock Dreams]
  4. Thomas & the Jet Engine [told by Alec Baldwin] [Rock Dreams]

Framing Device Guest Stars

  • Pinkie Pie
  • Rainbow Dash
  • Fluttershy

Volume 3: Tuned In


  1. Spud Buds
  2. Cute is as Cute Does

Thomas Stories

  1. One Good Turn [told by George Carlin] [Spud Buds]
  2. Bye George! [told by Alec Baldwin] [Spud Buds]
  3. Time for Trouble [told by George Carlin] [Cute is as Cute Does]
  4. Oliver Owns Up [told by George Carlin] [Cute is as Cute Does]

Framing Device Guest Stars

  • Spike
  • Big Bird
  • Mr. Conductor

Volume 4: Rip Van Wrinkle


  1. Going by the Book
  2. Rip Van Wrinkle

Thomas Stories

  1. Granpuff [Going by the Book]
  2. Sleeping Beauty [Going by the Book]
  3. Thomas, Percy & The Mail Train [Rip Van Wrinkle]
  4. The Flying Kipper [Rip Van Wrinkle]

Framing Device Guest Stars

  • Twilight Sparkle
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Rainbow Dash


  • In the first part of the Framing Device Twilight will talk about the time when she had a sleepover with Rarity & Applejack in the MLPFIM episode Look Before You Sleep to Julie, Kiki & Leon since Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie heard it before

Volume 5: ?????

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