Mr. Conductor meets Skipper and Skeeto is Pellesekin's fisrt Mr. Conductor's Adavtures Series. It features Mr. Conductor (from Shining Time Station). The small Person will join Skipper, Skeeto, Melvin Duck, Fungy Frog, Ruben Rabbit, Owen Olw, Molly Mouse, Lizzie Bee and the rest of the gang in their Paradise Park advantures.

Episode 1: Benifit of the Drough


  • Thomas Stories: Percy takes The Plunge and Trust Thomas

Episode 2: Wanted! - A Queen


  • Thomas Stories: Bulgy and Happy Ever After

Episode 3:The One-Legged Crumposaurus


  • Thomas Stories: Rusty and The Boulder and Rusty Saves The Day

Episode 4:The Hello Phone


  • Thomas Stories: Thomas, Percy and The Postrain

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