Mr. Cross is an extremely powerful psychic working for Hell.

Mr. Cross' character sheet

 Name: Mr. Cross
 Genre: Occult Horror
 Race: Human
 Occupation: Observer
 Age: 157
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'0"
 Weight: 160 lbs

Description and Character Notes:

 A former Bishop in the Episcopal Church, who, following several disagreements with church decrees and misadventures with witchcraft, found himself with some rather interesting powers an unbreakable employment contract with Hell. 

Appears to be a man in his mid-thirties. Always wears a well-fitted black pinstripe suit and a matching fedora.

 Body: 4
 Mind: 11
 Soul: 6
 Health Points: 30
 Energy Points: 85
 Shock Value: 6
 Combat Value: 7
 Defense Value: 5


   Interrogation 3x2 = 6  
   Intimidation 2x3 = 6  
   Linguistics 2x1 = 2  
   Military Sciences 1x2 = 2  
   Social Sciences 1x1 = 1  
   Gun Combat 2x4 = 8  
   Unarmed Attack 1x5 = 5  
 Reincarnation 6x3 = 18  
 Special Movement 1x1 = 1  
 Wanted 2x-1 = -2  
 Vulnerability 1x-1 = -1  
 Sensory Impairment 2x-1 = -2  
 Nemesis 2x-1 = -2  
 Marked 2x-1 = -2  
 Bane 2x-1 = -2  
 Not So Tough 2x-1 = -2  
 Physically Unappealing 2x-1 = -2  
 Flunkies 1x1 = 1  
   Body 9x1 = 9  
   Mind 1x1 = 1  
   Soul 0x1 = 0  
     Gun Combat 4x4 = 16  
     Unarmed Attack 2x5 = 10  
     Stealth 1x4 = 4  
 Red Tape 1x-1 = -1  
 Owned by a Megacorp 2x-1 = -2  
 Mind Control 6x2 = 12  
   Specific Category   
 Telepathy 6x2 = 12  
   Somewhat Restricted   
 Telekinesis 6x2 = 12  
 Personal Gear 1x1 = 1  (1 major items)
   Major Items   (1 major items)
   Minor Items   (4 minor items)

Info And Comments For: Mr. Cross Level 1 - Hey! Wondering what's supposed to go in this big box? Check out readme.txt to see why there's nothing down here. All BESM stuff is a trademark and copyright of Guardians of Order. Used without permission. Any questions about how this works, email

Info And Comments For: Wanted 2x-1 = -2 Comments: Mr. Cross, due to his understandably shady activities, is of very high interest to a number of religious and political institutions. Of particular note are the Vatican, who would like to kill him, and the American CIA, who would like to dissect him.

Info And Comments For: Vulnerability 1x-1 = -1 Comments: Vulnerable to "Blessed" artifacts, based on his bosses.

Info And Comments For: Sensory Impairment 2x-1 = -2 Comments: Cannot taste or feel.

Info And Comments For: Nemesis 2x-1 = -2 Comments: See "Wanted" Section

Info And Comments For: Marked 2x-1 = -2 Comments: Much of his body lacks flesh, save his hands and head.

Info And Comments For: Bane 2x-1 = -2 Comments: He's owned by hell, and as such has extreme aversions to holy water or other "blessed" artifacts.

Info And Comments For: Physically Unappealing 2x-1 = -2 Comments: His voice is extremely hoarse and halting. He also lacks a fair amount of human flesh.

Info And Comments For: Gun Combat 4x4 = 16 Comments: Charon Neretzki is an ex-clergyman who had his soul torn out and his body refurbished for the duties of a satanic executioner. He was loaned to Cross to help with heavy lifting.

Info And Comments For: Red Tape 1x-1 = -1 Comments: Hell is a very prolific bureaucracy. Use of his powers outside a specified operational parameter, such as leveling a city when he was told to put down an cult that was causing a PR nightmare for the higher-ups, will often net Mr. Cross a nice assortment of paperwork.

Info And Comments For: Mind Control 6x2 = 12 Comments: Sentients

Info And Comments For: Telepathy 6x2 = 12 Comments: Only affects sentients

Info And Comments For: Personal Gear

 * 1911 Colt .45 Semi Automatic Pistol (10 Damage, Concealable, Short Range) 
 * Black Pinstripe Suit
 * Black Fedora
 * PDA
 * XM8 Assault Rifle (For Charon) (10 Damage, Auto-Fire, Limited Shots (6))

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