I actually, your Highness, got the inspiration of this trailer from the "Thingamabob's Origins" trailer, so here it is!


  • (VeggieTales logo shows up)
  • (We see a white screen. The words in blue "Huck vs. Mr. Dooley" appears next. The words disappear to reveal Huckleberry Larry riding his skateboard.)
  • Narrator: We all know why the famed Huck helped Little Jimmy find his mama for more than a year now. But, how he battles an evil salad of vegetables who kidnapped his sidekick- that's another story.
  • (We then change to a bank of the river where veggies are walking down the sidewalk. Huck says good morning to one of his neighbors.)
  • Huckleberry Larry: Good morning, Dustin. How are you doing today?
  • Dustin (Archibald Asparagus): It's terrible!
  • Huckleberry Larry: W-what do you mean? 
  • Dustin: Look at this. (He shoves the newspaper into his face. On the front page is the headline "A Man Spills Secret Chemicals On The Banks Of The Mississippi River - A Young Rambler Rises?")
  • Huckleberry Larry: Wha--?
  • Narrator: But when a wave of vegetables kidnap his tomato sidekick, this cucumber teams up with his friends and they're going to fight for justice.
  • (A flash of light reveals that it's Huck, but with a backwards baseball cap, a buttoned-up shirt, a mop of hair, a teal vest and a pair of jeans and holding a skateboard)
  • Vegetable 1: W-who are you?
  • Huckleberry Larry: I'm your worst nightmare.
  • Narrator: That's right, folks! Huckleberry Larry vs. Mr. Dooley is coming to DVD, featuring the voice of Lorne Michaels from Saturday Night Live, and new music from Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Lita Ford, many singers from American Idol, Matt Redman and Kirk Franklin! Also look for Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue on DVD, Digital Download and Blu-Ray! Or, for more info, check out!

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