• Narrator: Miss Sunshine Miss Naughty Mr. Happy Kenny Cartman Kyle Mr. Marsh Mrs. Marsh Mrs. Cartman Marlin Dory Nemo Peach Deb Gobo Red Traveling Matt Big Bird Snuffy and Elmo Barney Jason Shawn Min Tosha Inez Digit Delete Kermit Miss Piggy and Sam the Eagle Go to Walmart we saw South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut 1999 DVD
  • Eric Cartman: we saw Barney's Musical Scrapbook 2003 DVD
  • Eric Cartman: Snuffy's Right
  • Big Bird and Elmo: Snuffy May I Have Cyberchase Sphears of Fears 2007 DVD
  • Marlin: Big Bird and Snuffy's Right
  • Marlin and Snuffy: Big Bird May I Have Cyberchase The Deedle Beast 2008 DVD
  • Barney: I Bring VHS's at Home
  • Kermit and Deb: Watch South Park the Movie
  • Miss Naughty: Don't Cry Mr. Happy
  • Peach: Watch Barney's Musical Scrapbook
  • Peach: Watch Cyberchase Sphears of Fears
  • Kermit and Deb: Don't Cry Mr. Happy
  • Dory and Nemo: Watch Cyberchase The Deedle Beast

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