Mr. Marvin Redford is the husband of Miss Patricia Haruna and the adoptive father of Jordin Hanson appearing in The Red Ribbon. Voiced by Richard Yearwood, he has black hair, black eyes and wears a blue long sleeved tuxedo with a black necktie, blue pants and black shoes. At his age, he is 29 years old.


  • Miss Patricia Haruna (Wife)
  • Jordin Hanson (Adoptive Daughter)
  • Takato Matsuki and Alicia Parker (Students)


  1.  Liking for Miss Patricia Haruna
  2.  Being a behaved man
  3.  Looking forward to relaxing


  1.  Seeing how humiliated he is
  2.  The way Miss Haruna tells him off
  3.  Watching Andrew's lateness


  1. He is known as Shigeo Gori in Japanese
  2. His actor, Richard Yearwood, earlier did Donkey Kong from Donkey Kong Country.
  3. He runs the Central High academy
  4. The example is that Shauna has to shut him up
  5. Everyone knows that he's a teacher
  6. Alicia and Takato are his main students

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