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Mr. Men/A Bug's Life is a parody with Mr Men clips and A Bug's Life sounds All characters who are in The Mr. Men Show look like their show designs.


  • Mr. Happy: Flik
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Princess Atta
  • Little Miss Scary: The Queen
  • Mr. Clever: Thorny
  • Mr. Pernickety: Cornelius
  • Mr. Fussy: Mr. Soil
  • Little Miss Helpful: Dr. Flora
  • Mr. Stubborn: Hopper
  • Little Miss Fun: Dot
  • Mr. Grumpy: Francis
  • Mr. Greedy: Heimlich
  • Little Miss Naughty: Rosie
  • Mr. Skinny: Slim
  • Mr. Strong: Dim
  • Mr. Silly & Mr. Nonsense: Tuck and Roll
  • Mr. Magic (non-Mr. Men book): Manny
  • Little Miss Magic: Gypsy
  • Mr. Announcer (non-Mr. Men book): PT
  • Mr. Lazy: Molt
  • Mr. Sneeze: Slick because neither have visible arms
  • Mr. Crosspatch: Thumper
  • Mr. Grumble and Mr. No: Bully Ants
  • Mr. Nosy & Mr. Small: Axel and Loco
  • Mr. Eater (non-Mr. Men book): Bird
  • Little Miss Greedy, Mr. Strong (classic), & Mr. Dizzy: Chicks
  • Other Misterland People/Dillydalians: Ants, City dwellers, grasshoppers, and flies

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