• Mr. Quiet as Secret Bea
  • Little Miss Hug as Love-a-lot
  • Little Miss Helpful as Friend Bear
  • Little Miss Magic as Wish Bear
  • Mr. Grumpy as Grumpy Bear
  • Little Miss Sunshine as Funshine Bear (I prefer her as a female)
  • Mr. Tickle as Tenderheart Bear
  • Little Miss Curious as Wonderheart Bear
  • Little Miss Giggles as Cheer Bear
  • Little Miss Chatterbox as Share Bear
  • Little Miss Lucky as Good Luck Bear
  • Mr. Lazy as Bedtime Bear
  • Mr. Birthday as Birthday Bear
  • Mr. Bump as Oopsy Bear
  • Mr. Perfect as Perfect Panda
  • Little Miss Wise as Polite Panda
  • Little Miss Somersault as Champ Bear
  • Timbuctoo animals as Care Bear Cousins
  • Roar as Brave Heart Lion
  • Chatter as Playful Heart Monkey
  • Trumpet as Lotsa Heart Elephant
  • Hoot as Bright Heart Raccoon
  • Meow as Proud Heart Cat
  • Woof as Loyal Heart Dog
  • Honk as Cozy Heart Penguin
  • Sniff as Swift Heart Rabbit
  • Baa as Gentle Heart Lamb
  • Oink as Treatheart Pig
  • Little Miss Tiny as Baby Hugs Cub
  • Mr. Small as Baby Tugs Cub

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