Mr. Happy as Cuddles

Miss Sunshine as Giggles

Mr. Nervous as Toothy

Mr. Scatterbrain as Lumpy

Miss Helpful as Petunia

Mr. Bump as Handy

Mr. Messy as Nutty

Mr. Fussy as Sniffles

Mr. Nosy as Pop

Mr. Small as Cub

Miss Calamity as Flaky

Mr. Quiet as The Mole

Mr. Rude as Disco Bear

Mr. Strong as Russell

Mr. Grumpy as Lifty

Mr. Stubborn as Shifty

Mr. Funny as Mime

Mr. Lazy as Cro-Marmot

Mr. Tickle as Flippy

Mr. Mean as Evil Flippy

Mr. Bounce as Splendid

Miss Naughty as Lammy

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