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Mr Men/Hero of The Rails is a Parody with Mr Men clips and Audio from Hero Of The Rails


  • Mr. Happy as Thomas
  • Mr. Worry as Edward
  • Mr. Bump as Henry
  • Mr. Grumpy as Gordon
  • Mr. Tickle as James
  • Mr. Small as Percy
  • Mr. Clever as Toby
  • Little Miss Sunshine as Emily
  • Mr. Dizzy as Hiro
  • Mr. Bounce as Kevin
  • Mr. Strong as Victor
  • Stan Smith (from American Dad) as The Fat Controller
  • Mr. Uppity as Spencer
  • Mr. Rude as Diesel (Cameo)
  • Little Miss Chatterbox as Rosie (Cameo)
  • Little Miss Splendid as Mavis
  • Little Miss Twins as Annie and Clarabel (Do Not Speak)  


  • Mr. Uppity; Silly Yellow Mr Man When Will He Learn
  • Mr. Happy; You Can Do What Any You Want To and I Wan't To WIN
  • Narroter; Mr. Happy was and Getting Tried and Trieder All last the Reached the top
  • Mr. Happy; Hooray I Did It
  • Narroter; Then There Was There Was A Boopbo and A Crash Mr. Happy Garsped
  • Mr. Happy; [sighs] Steammers and Fires I've Hurt my Legs
  • Narroter; Mr. Happy was Walking faster and faster. He flew faster down the hill
  • Mr. Happy; Oh No Help
  • Narroter; Mr. Happy went 1 hill and walked up the next
  • Mr. Happy; Help I Can't Stop
  • Narroter; Mr. Happy's Heavy Robots Pushed Him On and On Throw A Bus Stop was Mr. Uppity
  • Mr. Uppity; Blesing Talking
  • Narroter; And Into Some Garbage Robots Garbage went all over but Mr. Happy flew a Robot of Machineiy Machineiy flyed up the sky and landed all over Mr. Happy but he went on and found himself walking olong on a Old Rickty Road. Ahead was The Bushess
  • Mr. Happy; Finders and Heads How Can I Stop
  • more coming soon

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