Mr. Men/Rudolph is a parody of Rankin Bass.


Mr. Nosey as Rudolph

Mr. Silly as Hermey

Mr. Happy as Yukon Cornelius

Mr. Noisy as Bumble

Mr. Stubborn as The Elf Manager

Mr. Bump as Papa

Little Miss Sunshine as Mama

Mr. Strong as Our Fault Elf

Mr. Grumpy as For Crying Out Loud! Reindeer

Little Miss Naughty as Clarice

Mr. Small as Charlie in The Box

Mr. Rude as King Moonracer

Mr. Tickle as Misfit Water Gun

Little Miss Daredevil as Mrs. Clause

Mr. Tall as Kris Kringle

Mr. Quiet as Sam

Mr. Scatterbrain as Comet

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