Mr funny as Jeff

Mr mischeif as cranky

Mr rude as grounchy

Little miss sunshine as Sunday

Little miss neat as wednesday

Little miss bossy as dolly

Mr forgetful as Rolf

Mr mean as stingy pants

Mr jelly as smarty pants

Mr noisy as sunny

Mr brave as hero 3

Mr grumble as hero 1

Mr grumpy as hero 7

Mr happy as hero 9

Little miss naughty as hero 10

Little miss fickle as hero 12

Mr nosey as plank

Mr sneeze as prank

Mr greedy as hero 13

Mr chatterbox as hero 11

Mr busy as hero 2

Little miss daredevil as hero 6

Little miss scary as hero 8

Little miss whoops as hero 4

Little miss chatterbox as hero 5

Little miss busy as hero 16

Little miss greedy as hero 15

Mr strong as hero 14

Mr scatterbrain as the boss

And mr bump as the blue boy

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