Version 1

Miss Sunshine As Duchess

Miss Chatterbox As Marie

Mr Small as Berlioz

Mr Happy as Toulouse

Woody (From Toy Story) as Napoloen

Buzz Lightyear (From Toy Story) as as Laffayate

Mr Uppity as Edgar

Wendy Testaburger From (South Park) as Amelia Gabbe

Shelly Marsh (From South Park) as Abigal Gabbe

Emily (From Thomas & Friends) as Madame Aladie Bonfamilie

Thomas (From Thomas & Friends) as George Haurecort

Mr Grumpy as Scat Cat

Mr Strong as Billy Boss The Russian Cat

Mr Worry as Peppo The Italian Cat

Mr Daydream as Shun Gon The Chinese Cat

Mr Snow as Hit Cat The English Cat

Miss Shy as Frou Frou

Pickuachu (From Pokemon) As Roquefort

Mr Clever as Uncle Waldo

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