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* Mr. Happy as Homer (Mr. Happy and Homer are both the main stars of the show)

* Miss Sunshine as Marge (Miss Sunshine and Marge are both very perky)

* Mr. Tickle as Bart

* Little Miss Magic as Maggie

* Little Miss Chatterbox as Lisa

* Mr. Nervous as Grandpa Abe

* Mr. Tall as Krusty the Klown

* Mr. Worry as Ned Flanders

* Little Miss Calamity as Maude Flanders

* Mr. Nosey in 2008 as Rod Flanders

* Mr. Small in 2008 as Todd Flanders

* Mr. Clumsy as Lenny

* Mr. Daydream as Carl

* Mr. Small in 1970's, 1980's and 1995 as Milhouse

* Mr. Dizzy as Apu

* Mr. Silly as Ralph Wiggum

* Mr. Snow as Chief Wiggum

* Mr. Skinny as Reverend Lovejoy

* Little Miss Neat as Helen Lovejoy

* Mr. Rush as Cletus

* Little Miss Scatterbrain as Brandine

* Mr. Stubborn as Snake

* Mr. Rude as Mr. Burns

* Mr. Topsy-Turvy as Mr. Smithers

* Mr. Grumpy as Principal Skinner

* Little Miss Scary as Agnes Skinner

* Little Miss Naughty as Edna Krabappel

* Mr. Scatterbrain as Groundskeeper Willie

* Mr. Forgetful as Barney

* Little Miss Twins as Patty and Selma

* Mr. Chatterbox as The Sea Captain

* Mr. Sneeze as Bumblebee Man

* Mr. Wrong as Comic Book Guy

* Mr. Nonsense as Sideshow Mel

* Mr. Funny as Sideshow Bob

* Mr. Grumble as Fat Tony

* Mr. Quiet as Frank Grimes

* Mr. Perfect as Martin

* Mr. Uppity as Mayor Quimby

* Mr. Strong as Herb, Homer's Half Brother

* Mr. Busy as Yes Guy

* Mr. Noisy as Superintendent Chalmers

* Little Miss Dotty as Lurann

* Mr. Impossible as Dr. Hibbert

* Mr. Bounce as The Music Teacher

* Mr. Brave as Dr Foster

* Mr. Bump as Rainer Wolfcastle

* Mr. Nosey in 1970's, 1980's and 1995 as John

* Mr. Men/A Miser Brother's Christmas on DVD

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