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  • Mr Happy as Optimus Prime
  • Mr Bump as Bumblebee
  • Mr Clever as Ratchet
  • Mr Grumpy as Prowl
  • Mr Greedy as Bulkhead
  • Mr Strong as Ironhide
  • Mr Clumsy as Ultra Magnus
  • Mr Muddle as Jazz
  • Mr Fussy as Yoketron
  • Mr Tall as Omega Supreme
  • Mr Chatterbox as Blurr
  • Miss Sunshine as Sari Sumdac
  • Miss Chatterbox as Elita
  • Miss Tidy as Arcee
  • Miss Magic as Flareup
  • Mr Rude as Megatron
  • Mr Silly as Starscream
  • Mr Funny as Mixmaster
  • Mr Stubborn as Sunstorm
  • Mr Grumble as Lockdown
  • Mr Wrong as Dirt Boss
  • Miss Naughty as Blackarachina

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