• Mr. Perfect: Peter Perfect
  • Mr. Strong: Rufus Ruffcut
  • Mr. Happy: Sawtooth
  • Mr. Tickle: Private Meekly
  • Mr. Rush: Sgt. Blast
  • Mr. Grumble: Mac
  • Mr. Rude: Danny
  • Mr. Funny: Ring-A-Ding
  • Mr. Uppity: Clyde
  • Mr. Stubborn: Rug Bug
  • Mr. Fussy: Willy
  • Mr. Chatterbox: Kurby
  • Mr. Clever: Professor Pat Pending
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Penelope Pitstop
  • Mr. Nosey: Rock Slag
  • Mr. Small: Gravel Slag
  • Mr. Messy: Big Gruesome
  • Mr. Dizzy: Little Gruesome
  • Mr. Bounce: Red Max
  • Mr. Lazy: Lazy Luke
  • Mr. Bump: Blubber Bear
  • Mr. Mean: Dick Dasterly
  • Mr. Mischief: Muttley
  • Mr. Noisy: The Commander
  • Mr. Tall: The Dragon
  • Mr. Muddle: Elmer
  • Little Miss Dotty: The Girl Alligator
  • Mr. Clumsy: Klunk
  • Mr. Silly: Zilly
  • Mr. Grumpy: The Mad Scientist
  • Little Miss Neat: Chug-A-Boom
  • Little Miss Tiny: Breena

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