Mr Men: A Fine Feathered Adventure is an upcoming movie based on The Mr Men Show and is the sequel to Mr Men and the Legend of Mr. Bigfoot.


All the Mr Men and Little Miss Characters from The Mr Men Show are in this sequel


Nutmeg appears in this movie

New Characters:

Ralphie: A British accented red crested cardinal who is self-esteemed and strict. He is the leader of the Avian Circus, a travelling Bird Show and does a high jumping act. He is voiced by Joseph J Terry, who also uses his Mr. Fussy voice.

Angus: A hilarious comic Toco Toucan with a Scottish accent that loves to do daredevil stunts. Miss Daredevil often interacts and performs with him many times in the movie. He often dreams of dropping himself down from the Mountains of Himalayas. He is voiced by Phil Lollar, who also uses his Mr. Small voice. His catchphrase is "Beaks away!"


This is the second Mr Men adventure and film that features talking animals. The first was in Mr. Happy and Miss Magic's Magical Adventures and The New Adventures of The Mr Men Show.



Absolutely not! We need this show to be perfect!

I don't trust you sometimes, Angus. You always mess things up.

Tell those chaps, Ralphie is on his way to do his high jumping act!

Our show has been the same for many generations.

I cannot change my act!


We are going to Europe, lads! Beaks away!

What is your act, Miss Daredevil?

(After Miss Daredevil told him about her act) You are a stunt Little Miss yourself, lass? That's bonnie good! We'll make a great team together! What do you say? Are you with me?

Daredevil stunts are fun! Wahoo!

We always stay together. Right, Ralphie?

More boom sticks, Mr. Small! I really want to fly!

(After Miss Daredevil asks him when he was about to drop himself down from the Dillydale Mountains) I've always dreamed of doing this, from the time I was a wee chick. To drop down from the Mountains of the Himalayas.

You lads must be very talented!

(After listening to Miss Magic talking) Miss Magic, we have the same bonnie good nationality! Power of the Scottish!

(While getting ready to drop himself down from the Mountains of the Himalayas, he lost his self confidence) Am I going to do this? What about I end up cutting my bonnie good self up. I should have known better. This act was way too dangerous!


Angus: Help me! Somebody! Anybody! Lads!

Miss Magic: (Flying to Angus' direction just in time) Oh, dearie me! Are you all right, Angus?

Angus: I'm fine, Miss Magic. Thank you.

Miss Magic: No need for thanks, now.

Angus: Hey! I can't feel my beak! Ouch! Aw, turds! Crooked crumpets! (Then, he looks up at Miss Magic) I'm so glad that you can help. Scottish Little Miss and bird helping each other. Wow! That's an irony!

Miss Magic (giggles) I never thought that you are so funny!

Ralphie: Angus, how many times do I have to tell you not to eat the pieces of your crumpets and scones that was already on the floor.

Angus: I know, Ralphie. But I'm so bonnie hungry that I wanted to finish the rest of my scrumptious scones and crumpets.

Ralphie: But, you will get sick. You will have a stomach ache!

Angus: (Stops eating from the floor) Oh, sweet Edinburgh! I thought you never ask!

Angus: Miss Daredevil, can you teach me how to drop myself down from the mountain properly?

Miss Daredevil (looking depressed): I think I've failed teaching you, especially after I saw you hurt yourself when you land on the wall.

Angus: But just now, Miss Magic helped me! Can you teach me to do it properly? Please?

Miss Daredevil: (sighs) I can't do it. I'm a stunt Little Miss but I can't even teach you to do that.

Angus: What? What did you say?

Miss Daredevil: The truth is, I never actually drop myself down from a mountain before. It's just too risky for me. I've always wanted to do it, but I knew that I will cut myself. I'm just an ordinary Little Miss with a passion for daredevil stunts, just like you. Just because I love doing that doesn't mean that I can perform all dangerous stunts at once, not even risky ones like the one that you dreamed of doing in the future.

Angus: But, I thought you're going to teach me how to drop myself down. Why did you lie to me, Miss Daredevil?

Miss Daredevil: Angus, I'm sorry, ok? I guess I'm not a professional stunt Little Miss after all!

Angus (Crying) I trusted you! I thought you know everything about daredevil stunts! But now, I can see that you don't know anything at all! (leaves her behind, feeling mad and sad, then turned to the rest of the Mr Men and Little Misses) I think you goofing goons know nothing about performing and show business! You're all just liars! All of you! I've never wanted to see you again! (Turns away for the second time, crying)

Ralphie: (After seeing that the Mr Men and Little Misses are captured) By Jove! We've got to help them!

Angus: But they lied to us, Ralphie! You know how you and I do not tolerate goofing goon fakers?

Ralphie: We stay together, Angus. That means they have to be rescued! They may not be able to teach us the proper way to perform each of our acts, but they are our friends! So, let's save them! What do you say.

Angus: (Slaps his forehead) Aye, all right! But you have to stay close to me, lad! You're my best bonnie friend in the world!

Ralphie: I know.

Miss Daredevil: Angus, what are you doing here?

Angus: Rescuing you, Miss Daredevil! By the way, lass, I'm sorry that I lost my cool. It just happens when people did something wrong to me at times.

Miss Daredevil: I'm sorry, too. Now, I will be able to teach you how to drop yourself down from this airplane. It's about time!

Angus: Huh? But, lass?

Miss Daredevil: Trust me, this is what you've always wanted to do, right? I can teach you right now.

Angus: Are you sure?

Miss Daredevil: Of course, I'm sure! First, close your eyes. Then, focus on what you are going to do right now. Next, take a few deep breaths. Now, drop yourself down low!

Angus: Aye, I've got it! (takes a few deep breaths, then dropped himself down from the airplane) AAAHHH!

Miss Daredevil: Wahoo! You're doing it real good!

Angus: Did I, lass?

Miss Daredevil: Absolutely positively! Now, come on back up and help us out using your rope, jet pack and an empty airplane over there.

Angus: (After rescuing his friends) Great Aberdeen! What am I doing just now?

Miss Daredevil: You have just dropped youself down from those bad guys' airplane! And now, you successfully can make it back up using your rope, jet pack and this plane to rescue us!

All: Hooray for Angus!

Miss Magic: What do you say that we go to the Mountains of Himalayas right now to watch you do that once again, Angus?

Mr. Happy: Yeah, Angus! It was worth another shot!

Angus: Aye, ok. But I think I wanted to do something else right now. Anyways, I wanted to see the Mountains of Himalayas, too.

Miss Daredevil: (After seeing that Angus is nervous) Come on, Angus! You can do it just like when you rescued us from the bad guys' airplane.

Angus: (Sighs) Aye, fine. (He began to perform his act)

Mr. Happy: Angus will now drop himself down from the Mountains of the Himalayas! Now, watch, ladies and gentlemen!

Ralphie: (Praying) My God, please let my friend do this. Please make this go well. Peter, Paul and Mary, please let this go perfectly!

Mr. Happy: (After Angus dropped himself down from the Mountains of the Himalayas) Look at him go! Will he make it back up using his jet pack? (As Angus almost reached the ground, he activated his jet pack and went back up, smiling and waving to Mr. Happy and his other friends) He did it! He almost risked his life for dropping himself down from the Mountains of Himalayas, but he survived with his jet pack to change his mind and go back up like right now! What a wonderful daredevil bird!

Angus: Yeah! I'm flying! I didn't fall to the ground! I've always had my jet pack, Mr. Happy! Thanks, lad! I've actually wanted to do this so I can test my own bravery, not just for fun, for I'm still me! A bonnie daredevil toucan! And I survived when I did this! Beaks away! Thank you, lads! Thank you!

Ralphie: He did it! Bravo, Angus! Well done, chap! You actually did it!

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