Mr Men: Escape 2 Scotland is an upcoming movie based on The Mr Men Show.


The Mr Men and Little Misses left Dillydale to explore and visit the Highlands in Scotland. This was actually good news for Miss Magic, because unwittingly, she gets to meet her long lost parents. She reunites with them, and they all share great big hugs and kisses.


The cast from The Mr Men Show returns, with newcomers Billy Connoly as Miss Magic's dad and Thea White as Miss Magic's mom


Miss Magic: (overjoyed to reunite with her parents) Mom and Dad? Mom and Dad! My friends, it's my mom and dad!

Mrs. Magic: Miss Magic, my dear! You're alive!

Sir Magic: We thought you were dead.

Sir Magic: Easy now.

Mrs. Magic: Watch your step

Sir Magic: And right here. Ok, are you ready? (opens his daughter's eyes) This is where you always sleep in.

Miss Magic: Oh, my goodness Zara zee! I remember this! Was this mine?

Sir Magic: Aye, now get your rest, dear. You have a big day tomorrow. A spectacular magic show to do. You'll need all your strength to perform your tricks.

Miss Magic: I will perform some magic tricks for you. Maybe I'll pull Nutmeg out of a hat again. Or I'll pull out some flowers out of my hat, mom.

Mrs. Magic: I hope so, sweetie. I've always wanted to see you perform onstage.

Miss Magic: (giggles) Really, mom?

Mrs. Magic: (tucking her daughter in her bed) I know you'll do us proud with your act tomorrow. You know why? You were born with it, honey. (kisses her daughter on the forehead) Good night, Miss Magic.

Miss Magic: Good night, mom!

Sir Magic: Sleep tight, Miss Magic. And don't let the wee bed bugs bite!

Sir Magic: Remember, lass. A great magic show comes from your heart.

Miss Magic: (fixing her top hat and bowtie) Sure, dad.

Mrs. Magic: (after Miss Magic appears in a puff of smoke onstage to perform her show) Come on, honey! Make your mother proud!

Miss Magic: Aye, on it, mom!

Miss Magic performed all the great tricks onstage and says her fourth catchphrase everytime she finishes each act.

Sir Magic: (noticing that the box for the stick in the hole trick was about to fall down and trample his performing daughter) Miss Magic, look out!

Miss Magic: (performing onstage) No, dad! This is how I do it. It's a simple magic trick that I've always dreamed of doing. (she then gets crashed by the box as the crowd gasped)

Sir Magic: Miss Magic! Are you hurt?

Miss Magic: Yes, I am

Sir Magic: I'm going to beel at that bajin, Mr. Doom. How dare he wants to steal my daugher's show! Now I'll quit bumping the gums and give him a right chibbing! I'm going to tear that pansy loaf apart!

Miss Magic: Dad, are you putting a little bit too much on that

Sir Magic: Hey, lass. I'm not daft! The only who's daft is Mr. Doom. I'm going to kill that choob, once and for all!

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