Here they are

Mr. Men

Mr. Tickle

Catch Phrase: "I think someone needs a tickle!"

Nice Hat

You Always Say That

Stepford Smiling

Mr. Happy

Broken Smile

Catch Phrase: "It's wonderful"

Rubber Man

Mr. Small and Mr. Nos(e)y

Large Ham: Mr. Nos(e)y.

Nice Hat: Mr. Small

Catch Phrase: Mr. Small: "Good tidings, Mr. Rude!" Mr. Nosey: "Juuuust looking."


Mr. Bump

Butt Monkey

The Ditz


Singing the Blues

Catch Phrase: "You never learn!"

Mr. Messy

Walking Tornadoes

Catch Phrase: "Shazam!!"

Big Unibrow: Type lll. Not really, just a bit big.

Mr. Nervous

The Eeyore

Mr. Worry

The Local Harry Potter

Catch Phrase: "Oh, n-n-no, no, no, no, no, no, n-no, n-no, no no no no no"

Mr. Noisy

No Volume Control

Catch Phrase: "I can't hear you!!!"

Mr. Lazy

Lazy Bum

Damn Baseball

Catch Phrase: "That sounds like too much work!"

Mr. Funny

Catch Phrase: "Honk!"

Mr. Persnickety/Fussy

Catch Phrase: "Mr. Messy!"

Neat Freak

Mr. Bounce

Catch Phrase: "Whee!"

Mr. Strong

100 Percent Strong

Nothing But Eggs

Catch Phrase: "Yo"

Mr. Grumpy

Big Unibrow: Type l.

Grumpy Bear

Deadpan Snarker

Too Grumpy to Run or Walk

Catch Phrase: "Crooked Cucumbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Mr. Quiet

The Eeyore.

Catch Phrase: None. He's "Mr Quiet".

Mr. Tall

Catch Phrase: None. He barely talks!

Mr. Rude

Only Sane Man.

Catch Phrase: "I'll give you rude!"

Mr. Scatterbrain

Butt Monkey

Animal Friends.

Catch Phrase: "Ummmm....what?"

Guilty Pleasures.

Mr. Stubborn

The Smart Guy.

Catch Phrase: "This (insert noun here!) is cheap."

Big Unibrow: Type ll.

Little Misses

Little Miss Bossy

The Bus Came Back

Even Psychiotic Has Standards.

Little Miss Naughty

Beserk Button

Catch Phrase: "I just can't help myself!"

Screwy Squirrel.

Yet to come....

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