Mr. Happy and Little Miss Sunshine Plot

Mr. Happy see the Jellybeans on Good Morning Dillydale

Hamontin and Maggie Plot

Ferocious Beast and Maggie walking to the Nowhere Land

Mr. Rude Plot

Mr. Rude Escape Out the Trees

Nedley Plot

Nedley and Ruby out of the Nowhere Land

Mr. Bump and Little Miss Whoops Plot

Little Miss Whoops finding the Mr. Bump


  • Maggie sings "the Nowhere Land Song"
  • Mr. Rude sings "Call Me Dillydale"
  • Mr. Strong sings "Scratch it Out"
  • Mr. Small and Mr. Nosey sings "Looking your Friends"
  • Mr. Nervous sings "Jelly Bean Team"


  • Mr. Happy
  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • Mr. Bump
  • Little Miss Whoops
  • Mr. Tickle
  • Mr. Messy
  • Little Miss Daredevil
  • Mr. Rude
  • Mr. Strong
  • Mr. Quiet
  • Mr. Small and Mr. Nosey
  • Mr. Fussy
  • Mr. Nervous
  • Little Miss Helpful
  • Little Miss Scary
  • Maggie
  • Hamontin Hucks
  • Ferocious Beast
  • Moo Sisters
  • Nedley
  • Rudy
  • Jelly Bean Team

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