Story Script

Narrator: It was a very peaceful afternoon on Sodor, and all of the railroad and diesel engines were busy working real hard as usual.

Narrator: Just then, Duck arrived with a concerned look on his face.

James: "Duck, what's the matter with you?"

Rosie: "Yeah, Duck, you look concerned about something."

Duck: "The Fat Controller and his wife along with Mr. and Mrs Percival, are ordering all of us to report to the round house at 12:15 PM for a very important announcement."

Narrator: Thomas, Percy, Toby, Emily, Molly, Rosie, Stanley, Mavis and Lady were a bit confused and concerned, what could the announcement be?

Thomas: "I wonder what the announcement is this time."

Percy: "So do I, Thomas, so do I."

Narrator: When all of the railroad engines and diesel engines arrived at the round house at 12:15 PM, the Fat Conroller, the Fat Controller's wife and Mr. and Mrs. Percival arrived with some depressing news.

Fat Controller: "Ladies and gentleman, good friends and to everybody who works on this railway, we inform all of you with deep grief and depression that Gilbert Perkins, who was 1 of our dearest drivers here on this railway, and a helper to all of us, passed away from unknown cancer complications at the age of 59, his memorial ceremony will be held right outside his mansion."

Narrator: "Even Edward, James, Gordon and Henry couldn't believe he was gone for good right now."

Edward: "He had his entire life ahead of him."

James: "We know that, good thing he always wanted all of us to get along with 1 another."

Gordon: "So, Henry, when's the memorial service gonna be?"

Henry: "Tomorrow Sunday afternoon."

Rosie: "Oh yeah, that's right, we can't be late for that."

Narrator: The very next day, everybody was preparing to go to Mr. Perkins' memorial service.

Narrator: Thomas was pulling the flower wreath.

Narrator: Henry was pulling the photographs.

Narrator: And Rosie was pulling the musicians and their musical instruments."

Narrator: Later on, at Mr. Perkins' memorial service, the Fat Controller gave his eulogy speech.

Fat Controller: "Mr. Perkins had always been a true good friend and neighbor to all of us and a good train driver and story teller as well, we'll now begin the slideshow clips.

Narrator: And so they did the 21 salute and Amazing Grace was played on bagpipes right over the loud speakers.

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