Lou Juan Yolo is Aldman's father. He has a job as a U.S. Postal Worker. He gets paid very oftenly with his job and spends some of his time playing with his son Aldman. He is 35-and-a-half years old and has been a mailman for 21 years. He was presetned as the Best Mail Carrier in the State of New York and is very happy with his payment. Infact, he gets paid so much, that the Yolos live in that huge house next to Kris's house on Glenville Drive. Kris`s Shenanigans seem to annoy him too, (well, ever since he messed up his job once in the "Mail Severe Problem" episode), and he sometimes wishes that the Slobmans move to a new town. He likes collecting old sneakers and keeps a safe full of them filled with all his valuables, showing he's a "shoe freak". He inspired Berry Jooz.

Character Information

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