Mr Happy

Mr Happy hoped for a smile. He hadn't smiled yet because yesterday he'd broken Mr Clever's glasses by mistake. Mr Clever was very cross and Mr Happy had to pay £69 to replace the broken ones. Mr Happy didn't have any money left. Just then there was a knock on the door. It was Mr Tickle and Mr Greedy. "I've bought you some cakes" said Mr Greedy "And I've bought you some 3D glasses" said Mr Tickle. "We're going to see Captain Boat at the cinema". So Mr Happy, Mr Tickle, Mr Greedy and Miss Sunshine went to see Captain Boat. Mr Tickle was playing Captain Tickles Man the tickler that could defeat the Evil Demo Zap played by Mr Grumpy and Taller Squeeze played by Mr Tall. Mr Happy enjoyed the movie and they went home at 1:pm. Mr Silly took Mr Happy on a silly trip. Mr Silly had a go kart except the wheels were square. BUMP! BUMP! BUMP! Mr Happy threw up juring the ride and Mr Silly took him home. The next day Mr Happy's friends came to his house. They bought Mr Happy more gifts. Mr Uppity gave Mr Happy a sick bag so that Mr Happy could throw up in there. Mr Tickle bought Mr Happy oranges, Mr Bump bought Mr Happy blackberries, Mr Strong bought him strawberries and cherries. Mr Snow bought Mr Happy ice cream. Mr Sneeze bought him the world's longest bubblegum. Mr Happy smiled but next day Mr Mean stole all the stuff. Mr Happy didn't have a sick bag, oranges, blackberries, strawberries, cherries, ice cream or bubblegum. The police caught Mr Mean though and Mr Mean was sent to jail. After Mr Mean returned from jail, Mr Happy was already happy.

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