Mr Happy and Miss Magic's Magical Adventures is a spin off series from The Mr Men Show. It feautures funny and magical adventures of Mr Happy and his magical best friend, Miss Magic and all the other characters from The Mr Men Show! I hope I get to make, produce and create it someday!

A new character will also appear in the series. He is a talking Scottish terrier. He is Miss Magic's pet. His name is Nutmeg. Nutmeg will be voiced by Jamie Foxx


Mr Happy's Birthday (pilot): Mr. Happy celebrates his big day with his friends. Thanks to his best friend, Miss Magic, who performs several magic tricks with Nutmeg as her assistant for him and all her other friends, the party went well without a hitch.

All About Mr. Happy: Mr. Happy's wish came true when he is called for auditions of being an actor for a musical movie. He asks Nutmeg to join him. But soon, he finds something more than stardom and asks Miss Magic to star with him on his new movie.

Send in the Magician: Miss Magic decided to try something different than performing magic tricks. She decided to become a clown. Mr. Happy was confused at first and Nutmeg was annoyed, but soon Mr. Happy asks his friend Mr. Funny (who speaks now in the series) for some support of believing that his best friend can be anything besides a magician. Mr. Funny helped him and Miss Magic to find the proper clown costume and taught her some clown tricks. A reluctant Nutmeg agrees to help out. Soon, Miss Magic missed doing her usual magic tricks and gave up on clowning around.

Grandfather and Grandson Reunited: Mr. Happy meets and reunites with his grandpa. Together, he, his grandfather and Miss Magic share a wonderful time together.

A Trick in Time: Mr. Happy and Miss Magic go back in time by using Miss Magic's time travelling watch. They even returned to 1971 to explore what is happening in that year and got to meet their old forms. This was the same date that the Mr Men books were created.

Cyrano de Happy: Mr. Happy tries to woo Miss Sunshine with the help of his best friend, Miss Magic. However, Miss Magic's suggestions only makes things worse. Luckily, Miss Sunshine wasn't angry with that. So, Nutmeg tries to help Mr. Happy by teaching some smarter ways to impress a girl.

Now You See Her: Miss Magic's newest invention, the InvisiSpray, makes her invisible throughout the whole day after she sprayed it on herself in front of Mr Happy to show him how it works. Previously, she tests it on several objects in front of him. Now, it's up to Mr. Happy and Nutmeg to do anything to make her visible again.

La Naughty Vita: Miss Naughty keeps playing pranks on her friends. Mr. Happy, Nutmeg and Miss Magic will have to teach her a lesson.

Trading Places: Mr. Happy and Miss Magic get their brains switched by Miss Magic's Brain Machine. Mr. Happy has a new magician personality and Miss Magic walks and talks like a normal Little Miss in Dillydale. Now, it's up to Nutmeg to get their brains back to their rightful places.

Robin Happy: Mr. Happy, Miss Magic, Nutmeg and all their friends decided to perform their own version of Robin Hood to perform at the Dillydale Theater.

Together Forever: Mr. Happy and Miss Magic sing a song about from how they met each other to how they become best friends. They also sing about what they do everyday. This is a short segment similar to Cat Diggety Dog from CatDog. Mr. Happy wore a top hat for this segment. Mr. Happy used a stick and Miss Magic uses her wand as their canes. Mr. Happy repeatedly falls down on his head, but he managed to get back on his feet and continue singing.

The Concert Pianist: Mr. Fussy is nervous about performing at the Dillydale Theater. He will perform a piano solo that night. So, his best friends, Mr. Happy, Nutmeg and Miss Magic helped him out by choosing the proper musical piece and make sure that he didn't mess up during his practices.

Mr. Happy Gone Bad: Mr. Happy was being brainwashed by a machine ala A Clockwork Orange that makes him act like a bad person. Now, it's up to Miss Magic and Nutmeg to change their friend back to normal.

Count Happycula: It was Halloween in Dillydale, and all the Mr Men and Little Misses were dressed up in crazy and zany costumes. Mr. Happy was dressed as a vampire on that day, but soon finds out that the Curse of Count Dracula, who was already dead was still in that costume. Mr. Happy begins to act crazy and tries to suck his friends' blood. He even transformed himself as a bat. To end the curse, Miss Magic will help to chant a perfect magical spell to cure Mr. Happy with the help of Nutmeg.

Smarter than the Average Magician: Miss Magic wants to become a brainiac for a day. So, Mr. Happy and Nutmeg decides to help her by making her read books and do some researches until she finally become smarter.

Full Moon Follies: Mr. Happy got cursed as a werewolf with the help of a book. To end the curse, Miss Magic and Nutmeg set out to find the perfect magic spell to cure Mr. Happy

Space Shipped: Mr. Happy and Miss Magic blasts off to space to explore the galaxy and its universe. Soon, they get to walk on the moon. However, after their trip to the moon, their rocket ship gets stuck in Mars. So, their Mr Men and Little Miss friends in Dillydale helped them from the Dillydale Mission Space Control.

Candy Fever: Mr. Happy and Miss Magic decided to open and run a candy shop in Dillydale. Nutmeg works as their candy maker. A lot of customers in Dillydale went to the shop and get to buy some candies until they finally sold out. Miss Magic needs to cast a magical spell to bring the candies back in stock.

The Flu Doctor: Miss Magic has the flu and has been sneezing too much lately. She didn't get to perform magic tricks for that day. So, Mr. Happy decided to cure her as a flu doctor with Nutmeg as his assistant. He didn't perform a magic trick to cure her, but does his usual doctor errands as seen in the "Boo Boos" episode from The Mr Men Show.

When Happy Met Scatterbrain: Mr. Happy and Mr. Scatterbrain share their interests. However, they have huge major differences. When Mr. Scatterbrain chooses to be happy all the time, Mr. Happy wasn't sure whether he wants to be a dim witted Mr Man or remain as a smart and clever happy person.

Will Success Spoil Mr. Happy?: Mr. Happy wanted to be a famous spokesman for Dillydale Matresses and his wish came true. He was very famous in Dillydale, leaving Miss Magic thinking sadly "Will my cheerful best friend ever come back?"

Be Careful What You Dish For: Mr. Happy and Mr. Fussy went to Miss Magic's restaurant to eat some food. However, Miss Magic brought some disaster. This time, it was worse than the ones in the "Dining Out" episode of The Mr Men Show.

Nightmare on Dillydale: In this second Halloween themed episode, the Mr Men and Little Misses in Dillydale are setting out to the woods to solve the mystery and stop the curse of the werewolf.

A Visit from Mom and Dad: Miss Magic's mom and dad came to visit their daugher, while Mr. Happy acts like a humble host for them to show them what he had created for them. He does this to impress his best friend and her parents, just to be polite.

Help! We're Dogs!: After Miss Magic's latest invention, the animal potion, gets accidentally knocked over by Miss Magic herself, she and Mr. Happy became dogs for the rest of the day. Miss Magic turns into a Scottie dog just like Nutmeg and Mr. Happy is a bloodhound. Now, it's up to Nutmeg to help turn his two friends back to normal.

Cat-Tastrophe!: This time, Miss Magic's animal potion turned Mr. Fussy into a cat for the rest of the day. Now, Mr. Happy, Miss Magic, Nutmeg and all their friends must help Mr. Fussy to change back into his normal self.


Sam Gold and Prudence Alcott will reprise their roles as Mr. Happy and Miss Magic.

Most of The Mr Men Show Characters appear in the show, as well as their voice actors, who reprised all their roles in the show.

The Mr Men and Little Miss merchandise will expand with new books, music, toys and DVDs based on the show.

There will be a Miss Magic plush toy from The Mr Men Show. A plush Nutmeg will also be made


Mr. Happy's Birthday:

Mr. Happy: (going home after shopping) A happy happy birthday to me! I'm so excited to celebrate this wonderful day!

Mr. Happy (notices that the lights in his house are off): Hey, who turned off the lights?

All: Surprise!

Mr. Happy: Wow, guys! I can't believe you came!

All: We sure do!

Mr. Happy: I'm so glad to have you guys here. But I think we're missing one person. Can you guys guess who it is?

Miss Magic (appearing and saying her fourth catchphrase) Here I am!

All: It's Miss Magic all right!

Mr. Happy: Yes!

Send in the Magician:

Miss Magic: Oh look! Mr. Funny's performing his usual clown tricks. Hey, I think I want to be a clown for a day! Sometimes I feel like doing something different than magic tricks.

Nutmeg: Are you sure, Miss M?

Mr. Happy: Yeah. Kinda weird for a magician to be a clown.

Miss Magic: Come on, guys. Can't you see that I wanted to try new things?

Mr. Funny (while putting on Miss Magic's clown costume and her clown make up): Well, Miss Magic. You have successfully earned this as your next career besides a magician.

Miss Magic: Thank you, Mr. Funny!

Mr. Funny: No problem!

A Trick in Time:

(Mr. Happy and Miss Magic are transported by Miss Magic's time travelling watch to a universe filled with dinosaurs)

Mr Happy: Wonderful! This is the Age of the Dinosaurs!

Miss Magic: I can see that. Wow! Look at all the dinosaurs!

Mr. Happy: They're so big!

Miss Magic: And everywhere!

(Mr. Happy and Miss Magic are transported to the Old West)

Mr. Happy: Wow! It's the Old West. We better tell Miss Helpful that we've been here!

Miss Magic: Sometimes I think the Old West is full of dangers.

Mr. Happy: Why? Because there were outlaws ready to come and take your money? Well, have no fear! Sherrif Happy is here! (He went offscreen to grab his western wear, then he went onscreen showing him wearing his western outfit)

Miss Magic: You just spoke in rhyme!

(Mr. Happy and Miss Magic are transported to the Medieval Times)

Mr. Happy: Whoa! It's the Medieval Times. Wait a minute, I think this is the Dark Ages, where superstitous thoughts occur among people.

Miss Magic: That's right. People used to be accused of witchcraft at this time.

Mr. Happy: But soon everything goes back to normal again, thanks to a famous magician named Merlin. Hey! He could be one of your ancestors, Miss Magic, because he knows a lot about magic just like you do! Right?

Miss Magic: Right, Mr. Happy. Except that his spells never goes wrong unlike mine.

Mr. Happy: That's ok, Miss Magic. Besides, you can't help messing up your spells sometimes.

(Mr Happy and Miss Magic are transported to the Future)

Miss Magic: Whoa! I guess we got beamed up to the future.

Mr. Happy: Yes, we are.

Miss Magic: Look, Mr. Happy! Transporters! Teleportation pads! Can I give them a try?

Mr. Happy: Just be careful, Miss Magic. You don't want to be accidentally transported to the wrong destination of your choice.

Miss Magic: Ok. I'm ready for this.

Mr. Happy: (changing the subject) I love it when things can float all around the future. (covering his excitement) Which makes me feel a little bit dizzy sometimes.

Miss Magic presses a button on a teleportation pad and teleports to another pad.

Mr. Happy: That was fast. How did you get to the other pad?

Miss Magic: Easy, Mr. Happy. Once I push a button on each teleportation pad, I will teleport to another.

Mr. Happy: Very nice.

Miss Magic: Would you like to try it?

Mr. Happy: No, thanks. I'll just watch you from here. You do it. Besides, that was one of your magic tricks.

As, Miss Magic continued teleporting by pressing each button on each pad, Mr. Happy flipped over a magazine and read it. When he finally looked up, he was astonished to find out that Miss Magic made it to the pad with a huge arcade mini game.

Mr. Happy: Wow! You just transported to the other side. I wish I could do that. I wish I have magical powers just like you. Now, can you help me get there using your levitation trick?

Miss Magic: No problem! I'll be happy to help you with that! (waves her wand) Lickety do and gravitation. Make Mr. Happy float through levitation!

Mr. Happy: Whoa! I'm flying! (Then, he landed on the pad next to Miss Magic)

Miss Magic: (Says her fourth catchphrase)

Mr. Happy: I have to say. You really do know what you're doing, Miss Magic. Thanks, buddy. You're a real friend.

Miss Magic: Or magical. Let's play a game.

Mr. Happy: (giggles) Wonderful! It's just right in front of us!

(Finally, Mr. Happy and Miss Magic are transported to 1971)

Mr. Happy: Hey! This is the time when we are created!

Miss Magic: Indeed, it is.

Old Mr. Happy: Oh, my god! Wonderful! Whoa! Are you guys Mr. Happy and Miss Magic from the future? Nice to meet you guys!

Mr. Happy: Nice to meet you too!

Old Miss Magic: Well, make me transport myself to another place. You guys are definetely Mr. Happy and Miss Magic from the future.

Miss Magic: Yes. We've been travelling through time with my time travelling watch here just to meet you guys. (shows Old Mr. Happy and Old Miss Magic her time travelling watch)

Mr. Happy: Even though we both look different here in 1971, Miss Magic, it looks like that we still have the same personality and voice, but our designs have changed to our current body forms like right now!

Miss Magic: (giggles) I will never forget our time travelling days with you, Mr. Happy.

Mr. Happy: You said it!

Now You See Her:

Miss Magic: This is my latest invention, the InvisiSpray. Here, I'm going to show what it does. (Miss Magic sprays it on a cape, then the cape becomes invisible and she says her fourth catchphrase)

Mr. Happy: Whoa ho! It's gone! Vanished quickly into thin air!

Miss Magic: Isn't it amazing?

Mr. Happy: Yes it is!

Miss Magic: (After testing her invention on some other objects, she decided to try spraying it on her self) Now, Mr. Happy, you're not going to see me for the rest of the day.

Mr. Happy: What do you mean?

Miss Magic: (Sprays herself and becomes invisible) Toodle Oo!

Mr. Happy: Hey! Where did you go? Hello? Miss Magic, where are you?

Miss Magic: I'm here, Mr. Happy.

Mr. Happy: Wait a minute. I can hear your voice, but I can't see you.

Miss Magic: That's what I meant to inform you that you won't see me for the rest of the day.

Mr. Happy: (Realizes something) Holy cow! You have just sprayed yourself with that spray! Now you have become invisible! And I can see right through you!

Miss Magic: Yes! Isn't invisibility amazing?

Mr. Happy: If only you're a magician.

The Flu Doctor:

Mr. Happy: Golly! What happened to you, Miss Magic? You don't feel well.

Miss Magic: Yes, Mr. Happy. I have a bad case of the flu (sneezes)

Mr. Happy: Wow! I know what this means. Your flu and your allergy to dust is coming up.

Miss Magic: Mr. Happy, can you put my wand over there? (sneezes)

Mr. Happy: Sure, no problem! I think I know just the cure for that. (He went offscreen to get some medical supplies, then he went onscreen showing him carrying a first aid kit and began to play doctor)

Nutmeg: Mr. Happy, are you trying to play doctor?

Mr. Happy: Yes, Nutmeg. (turns to Miss Magic) As a professional doctor, I'll be happy to help you cure your bad case of the flu. Now, open your mouth and say "Ahh."

(After Miss Magic says "Ahh") Well, are you feeling ok now?

Miss Magic: I think I'm feeling a bit better now. (sneezes) No, not yet.

Mr. Happy: Very well. Next, let me see your face. Oh my! It looks like dust particles in your nose affect you with the flu.

Miss Magic: It does. (sneezes)

Nutmeg: I don't think that works either, Mr. H. (turns to Miss Magic) Miss Magic, you'll be ok, I guarantee that.

Miss Magic: Thank you, Nutmeg. (sneezes) Besides, with my condition right now, I won't be able to do magic tricks today. Can you take my place for my magic show tonight.

Nutmeg: (shocked) Me? I only helped a little bit in magic. I'm more of an entertainer at heart. I can only sing and dance! Those are my talents besides knowing about magic and helping you performing your usual magic tricks. Now, if you ask me to pull a real rabbit out of your hat, cause you won't be able to perform, wear it and will be in bed for tonight, I would rather break dance or sing a song instead. I'm your assistant and that's final.

Miss Magic: I know (sneezes) I just thought that you will be able to make your own magic show by performing all my tricks by yourself. This will be the first time that I as a magician, asked you, Nutmeg, my faithful assistant to take my place as a real magician.

Nutmeg: Come on! I usually don't perform magic tricks a lot like you do.

Miss Magic: Just this once, please?

Nutmeg: (growls) All right! But just for tonight! (grumbles) Why does this always happen to me? (grumpilly sniffs the floor)

Miss Magic: Thanks again, Nutmeg, my good dog (sneezes)

A Visit from Mom and Dad

Miss Magic: Hey, Mr. Happy! Haven't you heard the good news?

Mr. Happy: What news, Miss Magic? Tell me! Oh, please tell me!

Miss Magic: Mom and Dad are coming to visit me!

Mr. Happy: Wonderful! I would love to see your parents again!

Miss Magic: Zara zee! Mom and dad are coming! Isn't it amazing? (doorbell rings)

Mrs. Magic: Knock, knock. Guess what? We're here!

Miss Magic: Mom! Dad! Zara zee! (she and her mom shared hugs and kisses

Sir Magic: Oh, this is getting heavy. Will you please help me with this thing here, dear? I'm snapping my spine here!

Mrs. Magic: Sure thing, dear.

Miss Magic: Here, let me help you, dad. (waves her wand) Dippity doo and a nice Chevy. Make dad's luggage less heavy. (The luggage was zapped)

Sir Magic: (sighs) Oh, my spine! I'm peched. (suddenly, he snaps out of it) Miss Magic? Is that you, dear? (laughs) Gregalach! I want to hug you! Come here, lass!

Miss Magic: Oh, dad!

Sir Magic: (as the two friends settled down for tea) You want a dumpling, dear?

Miss Magic: No, thanks, dad. I'll have one later.

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