Samracheltang88's version of Gay purr-ee


Little Miss Neat (1980s, 1995-1997) as Mewsette 

Mr Fussy (1970s, 1995- 1997) as Jaune Tom

Mr Quiet (2008-2009) as Robenspierre

Mr Lazy (2008-2009) as the Bulldog

Mr Uppity (1970s, 1995-1997) as Meowrice

Mr Mischief, Mr Rude, Mr Grumpy, Mr Stubborn, Mr Bump and Mr Grumble as The money cats

Little Miss Scary (2008-2009) as Mme. Reubens-Chatte

Edwina Smith(Kate Ashby) and Little Miss Somersault as the two ladies in Provence

Mr Scatterbrain (2008-2009) as Man on the Ship

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