Samracheltang88's parody of the Aristocats. It will be called, The AristoMrmen


Little Miss Neat (1983, 1995-1997) as Duchess

Little Miss Calamity as Marie (Both are accident prone).

Mr Nervous(2008-2009) as Berlioz

Mr Tickle (1970s, 1983s, 1995-1997) as Toulouse (both are orange and have blue in them).

Mr Slow (1983, 1995-1997) as Georges Hautecourt (Both are slow)

Mr Fussy(1970s, 1995-1997) as Thomas O'Malley

Little Miss Splendid (1983, 1995-1997) as Frou-Frou

Mr Quiet(2008-2009) as Roquefort

Mr Messy (2008-2009) as Scat Cat

Mr Bump (1970s, 2008-2009) as Chinese Cat

  • Mr Scatterbrain as English Cat
  • Mr Happy (1970s, 1983, 1995-1997) as Italian Cat
  • Mr Mischief (1995-1997) as Russian Cat
  • Mr Nosey (2008-2009) as Napoleon
  • Mr Small (2008-2009) as Lafayette
  • Mr Uppity (1970s, 1995-1997) as Edgar
  • Little Miss Sunshine (1995-1997) as Amelia
  • Little Miss Giggles (1995-1997) as Abigail
  • Mr Strong (2008-2009) as Uncle Waldo

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