Mr Bump as Eizan (Both are blue and clumsy)

Little Miss Daredevil as Jimmy (Both are fast and rebellious)

Little miss Brainy as Okuni (Both are bookworms and clever)

Little miss Sunshine as Ami (Both are sweet, kind, have red bows and yellow hair)

Mr Clever as Kubo (both are orange)

Mr Grumpy as Vlad

Little Miss Splendid as Kita

Mr Nosey and Mr Small (2008) as Tetsuo and Yota

Mr Muddle as Jacque (both are confused)

Mr Nervous as Marcos

Mr Quiet as Pig (both are quiet)

Mr Lazy as Choki (both of them sleep)

Mr fussy as Daisuke

Mr Uppity as Principal of Shuriken (both are greedy for money)

Little miss neat as Mrs Clean aka Michiyo (both clean a lot)

Mr Grumble as Naginata

Mr Mischief as Bruce

Mr Rude and Mr Mean as the Kimura twins

Mr Strong as Doku

Mr Stubborn as Principal of Katana

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