Crossover FanFiction starring many characters from TV shows.


  • (In Greendale, Postman Pat is getting ready for another busy round)
  • Pat: Tum te tum...
  • (Pat gasps in horror when he finds that the headlights of his van have been stolen)
  • Pat: Oh no! This is a disaster! What are we going to do, Jess?!
  • Jess: Meeeow!
  • (PC Selby arrives in his police car)
  • PC Selby: Mornin', Pat!
  • Pat (glumly): Morning, PC Selby.
  • PC Selby: What's up?
  • Pat: Somebody made off with my headlights during the night.
  • PC Selby: Same thing happened to me.
  • (Selby points to his police car which suffered the same foray)
  • PC Selby: This was the work of Mr Peeler the Headlight Stealer.
  • Pat: Mr who?
  • PC Selby: Mr Peeler was a man who disliked cars so much that he had a plan...
  • (Selby imagines Mr Peeler covering his ears at the noisy cars passing by)
  • Mr Peeler: GRR!!! Stupid cars disturbing the peace! I've had enough!
  • PC Selby: He decided to steal the headlights from the cars durin' the night while everyone was asleep.
  • (Peeler is shown detaching the headlights from a coupe)
  • Mr Peeler: Hee hee hee! This'll teach them not to make too much noise!
  • PC Selby: The poor drivers wouldn't see where they were goin' on night time drives. Worse, the police would pull 'em over.
  • Pat: THERE HE IS!!!
  • (Pat points to Peeler who is removing the headlights from the school bus and putting them into his sack)
  • Mr Peeler: DRAT!!! Foiled again!
  • PC Selby: Get him!
  • Mr Peeler: I'm off!
  • PC Selby: Get back here with my headlights!
  • Pat: And mine!


  • This is based on the true story of thieves in Amsterdam, The Netherlands stealing headlights from new Porsche Panameras and Cayennes, during October 2012. Twenty Porsches in the city had their HID headlights pilfered. Mr Peeler is a good example of those thieves.

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