Mr Snow's Snowglobe

"I'm Mr Snow. I'm going to show you how to make my snowglobe as snow falls around me"

You will need

A jar with a lid.

White Plasticine, play dough or clay



Green and Blue Felt tips


1. Take the lid off your jar. And then make some snowflakes and cut them out then put into the jar.

2. Draw a tree and a dark blue sky on a piece of paper. Make sure the paper is small enough to go into the jar. Turn upside down before putting in.

3. Model two balls. One for Mr Snow's head and one for his tummy then using black pen draw Mr Snow's face details: eyes, nose, smile, eyebrows (at the side)

4. Then using a red felt tip draw Mr Snow a scarf on his chest.

5. Put Mr Snow in the jar upside down with the modelled snow ground then screw the lid on.

6. Turn the jar upside down and watch the snowflakes fall around Mr Snow.

"Hey Mr Snow, that was more of me"

"Why was it more of you Mr Topsy-Turvy?"

"It was upside down"

"But that was to make the snowflakes"

"So people should have modelled me on this page"

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