Mr Tickle

'One morning, Mr Tickle lay in bed. Suddenly his alarm went off. "What is that?" Mr Tickle yawned. 5:am, time to go to Excersise Class. Mr Tickle went every Sunday. He didn't enjoy it at all. Mr Tickle never got any breakfast because he'd get up at 4:30am if he was having breakfast. Mr Tickle went down the stairs and out the house. All Mr Tickle had was one piece of toast before leaving and left. The class started at 10:am but Mr Tickle lived 5 hours away. But today was Mr Tickle's party. Half way through the journey his body went down and...fell into the river. Mr Tickle decided to swim all the way until it ended then he climbed out the water and started walking. Mr Tickle got dry when he got there though. Mr Tickle's friends were there too. Mr Strong who ran the class, Mr Happy, Mr Bump, Mr Nosey, Mr Silly, Mr Greedy, Mr Mean, Mr Snow, Mr Messy and a few more. Mr Tickle hated the press ups especially. Mr Tickle wished he'd never lended Mr Strong a hand when Mr Strong couldn't stop Mr Greedy eating all his eggs. Now he had to get up really early on Sundays. Mr Tickle wanted to quit. Mr Tickle's class ended at 12:pm and Mr Tickle and his friends got ready for Mr Tickle's party. Mr Tickle's party was on a picnic spot. Mr Happy was bringing all the food and heights for Mr Tickle, Mr Strong was bringing metal bars for Mr Tickle, Mr Greedy would have brought Mr Tickle a cake but he'd ate it. Mr Messy had bought Mr Tickle a dustbin. Mr Mean didn't want to buy anything. Mean old Mr Mean but he had to so he went shopping and the cheapest thing he found was a pencil at 75p. Then it would cost £1 to wrap it so in total Mr Mean spent £1.75. Mr Nosey bought Mr Tickle a Pinoccio doll. You could pull his nose out. Mr Snow bought Mr Tickle a box of ice cream. Mr Silly bought Mr Tickle a tree. How silly. And he couldn't wrap it either. Mr Silly had pulled out a red leafed tree because all the leaves are red in Nonsenseland except when Mr Silly painted leaves green to win the Nonsense Cup. All the Mr Men met at a picnic spot on a field with a river. 'Mr Nonsense had bought his boat to go sailing in with the oars and a Nonsenseland teapot for Mr Tickle. But Mr Mischief, Miss Naughty and Miss Trouble all took his oars but Mr Tickle tickled the three and got Mr Nonsense's oars back. Mr Tickle opened his presents before the picnic. "Heights" he exclaimed. "Thank you Mr Happy" "It cost me a lot of money to buy the picnic and those heights" Mr Happy said "Metal bars" said Mr Tickle "Thank you Mr Strong" he said weakly. "My pleasure" said Mr Strong. "It's nothing but a few crumbs?" said Mr Tickle to Mr Greedy "Did you eat the cake?" "Sorry" said Mr Greedy "It was just so yummy". "Never mind" said Mr Tickle. "A dustbin?" he said to Mr Messy "Yes" said Mr Messy "I have two dustbins. I thought I'd give you one". "A pencil" said Mr Tickle "Thank you Mr Mean" "It cost me a fortune" lied Mr Mean. "Pinoccio?" Mr Tickle said to Mr Nosey "You can pull his nose" said Mr Nosey "He was carved by a wooden carver and the man sold him everywhere" he told him. "Ice cream" said Mr Tickle "Will it melt?" he asked Mr Snow "If you leave it in the sun" said Mr Snow "And" he continued "If you eat it quickly it will taste better. It could turn your tounge to ice if you don't it it quick enough" "What the...A tree?" Mr Tickle said to Mr Silly. "Yeah" said Mr Silly "I didn't have any money so I took out a tree". "Oh" said Mr Tickle to Mr Nonsense "What a silly teapot. How can I pour tea with this?" "You turn it upside down" said Mr Nonsense. Mr Topsy Turvy had bought Mr Tickle a topsy turvy present. A topsy turvy book. There were 32 pages. Page 1 was the back cover and Page 32 was the front cover but Mr Topsy Turvy had stapelled it wrong. "Mr Tickle, do you like present my?" said Mr Topsy Turvy. "It's really...nice" Mr Tickle said "You went a bit wrong" he said slowly. Mr Slow finally arrived. But he didn't have the picnic because he hated them. Mr Nonsense, Mr Slow and Mr Topsy Turvy went in Mr Nonsense's boat. Then after all the food had gone, everyone got in and Mr Nonsense asked Mr Rush to row. It was very fast and Mr Bump fell out into the water. Then when he got his eyes and his head out the water, the boat ran him over. Mr Bump eventually climbed back into the boat with Mr Tickle's help. The party was great. All Mr Tickle's friends went home and Mr Tickle went for a swim alone. When night came at 6:30pm Mr Tickle went home. It was very dark and Mr Tickle didn't get home until 10:pm then he went to bed.

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