Mr Woo is an insane villian who arrives at Wedneswing in attmept to take over eveyone's mind and then move on to brainwash everyone in the world. Mr Woo's eventual goal was to force all the people in the world to refer to each other as "'Mr' and then their last name". Mr Woo succeeds in taking over the minds of most of the people in Weneswing. Unfortunatly for him when Sam destroys the mind control device and everyone is freed. Me Woo's number two, Darth Maul becomes enraged at the thought of Mr Woo controlling him, and he takes his light sabre and cuts Mr Woo in two.

Mr Woo makes a suprise return in the season finale when Johnny Thunder summons his soul and he takes control of Miss Pippin Reed, but when Johnny Thunder is defeated Mr Woo is transformed back to Miss Pippin Reed.

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