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Mr men/Honey I Blew up the kid is a parody with Mr men pictures and Honey I Blew up the kid sounds

The cast is:

  • Mr. Greedy as Wayne szalinski
  • Miss Daredevil as Diane szalinski
  • Chris Rabbit (from Henry`s Cat) as Nick szalinski
  • Mr. Lazy and Mr. Tickle as Adam szalinski
  • Max (from Pokemon) as Clifford sterling
  • Antoine (from Sonic) as Dr. Charles henrickson (Antoine and Dr. Charles hendrickson are kind as coyote as dr. charles hendrickson?)
  • Baby bop (from Barney) as Mandy park
  • Dr. Robotnik (AoSTH)/Dr. Eggman (from Sonic) as Marshall brooks (Robotnik/Eggman and Marshall Brooks are kinda bad or something?)
  • Miss Twin 1 as Amy szalinski
  • Mr. Strong as Captain Ed Myerson
  • Mr. Grumpy as Terrence Wheeler
  • Mavis and Daisy (from Thomas) as Nosey Neighbors
  • Ernest (from Ernest) and Misty (from Pokemon) as Lab Technicians
  • Lucas (from Sonic) as Smitty (Lucas and Smitty are have brown hair or something?!)
  • Sir Topham Hatt (from Thomas) as Federal Marshal
  • Mr. Worry and Georgia (from The Little Engine That Could) as Las Vegas Couples
  • The Seagull (from Pingu) as Helicopter Observer
  • Miss Calamity as Police Woman
  • Oscar The Grouch (from Sesame Street),Miss Countrauy and Orson (from Garfield) as Vegas Reporters
  • Lady Hatt (from Thomas) as Nevada Milita
  • Lola Bunny and Bugs Bunny (from Looney Tunes) as Japanese Tourists
  • Chief Wiggum (from The Simpsons) as Police Officer (Chief Wiggum and Police Officer are both policemans)
  • Roger Rabbit (from Who Framed Roger Rabbit) as Rock Fan in Crowd
  • Hockey Player 2 (from Pingu) as Hard Rock Reporter
  • Mr. Small in the 2008-9 series as Highway Patrol Officer
  • Hockey Player 3 (from Pingu) as Hard Rock Hostess

PS. today I am going to make Charlie chalk/Honey I Blew up the kid parody.

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