mysterious ticking noise (harry potter)

  • Mr Grumble - Severus Snape
  • Mr Forgetful - Dumbledore
  • Mr Small - Ron Weasly
  • Little Miss Bossy - Hermione
  • Mr Brave - Harry
  • Mr Grumpy - Voldemort

the very first xmas (sponge bob)

  • spongebob-mr happy
  • parick-mr rude
  • squidward-mr mean
  • plankton-mr grumpy
  • krabs-mr noisy
  • gary-mr small
  • bikini bottomites-mr happy, mr rude, mr mean, mr noisy, mr small, mr grumpy, mr grumble, mr nosey, miss sunshine, miss helpful, mr bump, mr clever, miss chatterbox, miss bossy, miss curious, mr funny, miss busy, mr bounce, mr cool, mr good, mr no, mr stubborn, mr stupid, mr crosspatch, little miss christmas

dont forget to watch the movies (sesame streat)

  • Mr. Happy is Big Bird because he is always smiling.
  • Mr. Small (in 1992) is Elmo because ''he loves being red.

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