Linda Keys Telling Costume Kid To Pick A Better Snack

Linda Keys Is Costume Kids Mother She Is A Protagonist And Antagonist She Can Be Good In A Few Episodes And A Bit Rude In Episodes She Always Tells Costume Kid To Pick A Better Snack Try New Food Come You Asshole New Food And Forces His Doll To Say Yes Like Yes Dolly Says Yes Take A Banana She Was A Bit Violent In The episode SchoolBag X1 When She Tells The Teacher To Get Out Of Her House When She Was Doing Home Lessons With Costume Kid She Hit The Teacher With A Chair And Told The Teacher To Fuck Off In The Episode Snack Costume Kid Wanted To Make A Yummy Milkshake But Instead Linda Says GET YOUR FREAKING DINNER She Watches Jimmy Kimmel I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Candy On Youtube.

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