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Here is the first draft of a list of words that cause specific reactions of Ms. Dewey. Note that there are multiple responses that she can make.

Key word Reaction
25 (or any numbers) "I used to be 25 pounds overweight..."
(any unintelegable input) I can't understand a word you just said, and if you're taking the time ot decipher this, all I can say is: (said backwards) "All that glitters is not gristle. Paul is dead, and I really really love porkchops and applesauce."
Acting "I've been acting professionally for years..."
Art "Ah, the Arts! The last refuge of the mathematically challenged..."
Chemistry (or any science) or Test Calls Ricardo and has him drink some formula of hers
Country "Mah truck. Mah dawg!"
Ferrari "You know what they say about men with sports-cars right?"
Gun First she'll whip out a gun, second time she will whip out a caulk gun, third time-the background will change to the old west, and she'll shoot you
Hotel "If the walls of the hotels I slept in could talk..."
Janina Gavankar "Oh about Janina Gavankar, she's very trained..."
Joke "You must be a comedian! Here's one for you..."
Lord of the Rings Puts the Ring on and off until she gets bored and throws it away
Magazine "I read in a magazine that aliens..."
Matrix "Of course I took the blue pill..."
Meaning of life Something about mid-life crisis
Ms Dewey "I like to bring my laptop to meetings, that way I can keep up on myself!"
Rain Starts raining in her studio...
Restaurant "Do you know the difference between a cook and a chef?"
Sports (or any sport) "There is nothing more exciting to me..."
Strip "You first"
You Strip "I'm sorry, did you think it was"
You Strip "OK, Just this once" (after several responses-she seductively dances and lifts up her shirt to see her waist)
blockbuster video Starts ranting about Blockbuster and half of what she says is bleeped out expletive

Other search terms that invoke a topical response

Hussein / Iraq
NRA / Second Amendment / 2nd Amendment
Universal Health Care
George Bush / Dick Cheney / Iran /
Hillary Clinton
Dungeons and Dragons
Impotence / Masturbation
Condom Helmet
Christmas / Ricardo
Sports Medicine
Osama Bin Laden
Halo 2
Myspace / Blogger
World of Warcraft
Space shuttle
Britney Spears

Families of terms that invoke a topical response

The name of a famous celebrity
The name of a popular movie