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The Mystery Science Web 3000 Combinatorial Media Wiki

Sean here, happy having made a mini wiki for collabo.

Heres the msw3k mini wiki for discussions, blurbs, and posting links to great combinatorial media sites. I promise to fill it up with awesomeness soon.

Sean can you put like three links as starters? I'm still gettin' my head around a definition here. -- rick


This is Alice: My big question is: what's the difference between mashups and combinatorial media? here's an email I sent Rick & Sean a while back:

Just to be clear, are we talking about stuff people put out there to be remixed? Like: official band websites releasing acapella tracks to the mashup community, worth1000 photoshop contests, bands using Google Idol / Launchcast to make music videos, etc. Like providing the raw materials to the masses to be mashed, smashed, etc. What are some example URLs?

There are obviously more and less "official" ways of this happening: official = Weird Al holding a contest for his video on Yahoo!, less = people making parody response videos to [phenomena of the week] & posting them on YouTube, or memes like Star Wars Kid/All Your Base/ORLY that get mixed up / redone all over the place...

"combinatorial media" also brings up thoughts of what is the difference between regular user-contributed content that relies on homage, pastiche, bricolage (which a great deal of it does, in order to "understand" some of the YouTube celebrity stuff you need to know a lot about internet humor, memes, YouTube culture, etc.) and this concept.

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