Marked up Twext
way under construction
visual examples are needed


add meaning to text
communicate such graphically

add meaning to twext chunks

additional information such as
• commentary ie "untranslatables"
• chunk depth
• pronunciation guide
• grammatical usage
• roots ie etymological comment
• usage ie slang
• warning ie vulgar
• linkage
• ?
may be useful to language learners

enable users to add meaning

users able to add meaningful information
may do so if offered easy system

deliver added meaning to reader

users wishing to acquire such added info
may use such a system to learn language


twext method may enable such a system:

line by line twext chunks

twext method associates chunks of meaning
by putting each chunk on separate line

free horizontal space

vertical array of twext chunks enables
open horizontal space on each line

permits further definition

open horizonal space on each line
provides room to add more meaning

system ideas

simple methods to add and share 
meaningful addional information
might maybe include:

interface knowers with learners

simplest possible system for 
"knowers" to share with "learners"

easy for knowers

some kinda mark-up language that
can be learned in minutes, so 
providers can easily add meaning

easy for learners

some kinda controls for learners
to filter marked up twext, ie
- format for grammar analysis
- format pronunciation guides
- filter shallow chunks
- ? etc

mark-up language

some kinda mark-up language to identify
 !: commentary
 ": pronunciation guide
 g: grammatical usage
 r: roots ie etymological comment
 s: usage ie slang
!!: warning ie vulgar

chunk depth

chunk depth is meaningfulness
within a chunk of meaning
ie solamente una vez

pronunciation guide

alt spelling can describe pronunciation ie
rendezvous ": RON-day-voo

grammar guide

nouns, verbs, tenses might be describable
w/ simple markup language, then color-code
text with added meaningful info

language usage

slang, double entendre, vulgarity might
also be communicable graphically via a 
system using color, font, density, etc

wiki chunks?

each twext chunk on a unique line may
enable each chunk to become a wiki page
possibly able to coordinate added meaning

wixi chunks?

if linking everything is too much then
maybe triple brackets could link to a
wixi-page (multilingual formatted chunks)

search wiki definition syntax

wiki edit guides specify definition syntax ie
; meaning
: significance
: definition
probably already is used for ontologicalish
searching.. might be useful in a wiki for
language learners


chunk of meaning [[[wixi-page]]] g:noun p/mx:chonk-aOV-MINing !:just messin around ~~


MuT (marked up twext) might offer an easy
system for people to share knowledge and
create language learning

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