• rikochet as bugs bunny
  • buena girl as lola bunny
  • the flea as daffy duck
  • ensalada de frutas as porky pig
  • el perrito as taz
  • snow pea as tweety bird
  • minotoro as sylvester the cat
  • la pinata as melissa duck
  • zero kelvin as wile e. coyote
  • pierre del fuego as road runner
  • french twist as elmer fudd
  • timmy 1,000 of mask as yosemite sam
  • el gundumo as marvin the martian
  • la flamencita as petunia pig
  • tic tac toe as foghorn leghom
  • double ninja ninja as beaky buzzard
  • chinche as speedy gonzales
  • megawatt as pepe le pew
  • electricity as penelope pussycat
  • senor hasbeena as dodo
  • masked dog as cedil turtle
  • la pulguita as gremlin
  • mama as granny
  • potato potata jr. as gossamer
  • dragonfly as miss prissy
  • lone star as k-9 dog
  • mr. flea as sniffles
  • prima donna hodge as so white
  • heavy traffic as squeaks the squirrel

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