• rikochet as ren
  • the flea as stimpy
  • ensalada de frutas as sven
  • snow pea as muddy mudskipper
  • minotoro as mr. horse
  • el perrito as mr. froggy
  • mama as ren's mom
  • lone star as ren's dad
  • zero kelvin, pierre del fuego and french twist as the bats
  • senor hasbeena as jasper
  • potato potata jr. as phil
  • chinche as the duck
  • cindy slam as marooned chihuahua
  • potato potata as shaven yak
  • masked dog as kitten
  • el gundumo as powdered toast man
  • dragonfly as the pope
  • electricity as mrs. pipe
  • megawatt as mr. pipe
  • buena girl as mrs. buttloaves
  • tic tac toe as george liquor

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