• rikochet as tommy pickles
  • el gundumo as chuckie finster
  • the flea as phillip phil deville
  • penny plutonium as lillian lil deville
  • la pinata as angelica pickles
  • snowpea as dil pickles
  • buena girl as kimi watanabe finster
  • cindy slam as susie carmichael
  • lone star as stu pickles
  • mama as didi pickles
  • megawatt as drew pickles
  • electricity as charlotte pickles
  • senor hasbeena as chaz finster
  • dragonfly as kira watanabe finster
  • double ninja ninja as grandpa lou pickles
  • ensalada de frutas as howard deville
  • prima donna hodge as betty deville
  • el perrito as grandpa boris kropotkin
  • buena mom as minka kropotkin
  • buena dad as dr. lipschitz
  • masked dog as spike dog
  • tomato tomata as lucy carmichael
  • potato potata jr. as randy carmichael
  • chinche as harold frumpkin
  • sonic sumo as reptar
  • la flamencita as fifi dog
  • headmistress as fluffy cat

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