• rikochet as sonic the hedgehog
  • penny plutonium as sally acorn
  • the flea as tails the fox
  • la pinata as bunnie rabbot
  • minotoro as antonio
  • tic tac toe as rotor the walrus
  • zero kelvin as uncle chuck
  • buena mom as lupe
  • buena dad as king acorn
  • cindy slam as sonia the hedgehog
  • double ninja ninja as manic the hedgehog
  • pierre del fuego as mighty the armadillo
  • french twist as ray the flying squirrel
  • el gundumo as knuckles the echidna
  • buena girl as amy rose
  • la pulguita as cream the rabbit
  • ensalada de frutas as shadow the hedgehog
  • el perrito as silver the hedgehog
  • snow pea as cheese
  • electricity as cosmo
  • potato potata jr. as big the cat
  • la flamencita as breezie
  • sonic sumo as dr. eggman
  • lone star as christopher thorndyke
  • masked dog as chip
  • el rey as charmy bee
  • megawatt as jet the hawk
  • tomtato tomtata as blaze the cat
  • mama as wave the swallow
  • dragonfly as stick the jungle badger
  • chinche as hip the hedgehog
  • prima donna hedge as tikal
  • mrs. flea as queen aleena
  • headmistress as rouge the bat
  • jenny as vanilla the rabbit

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