• rikochet as thomas o'malley
  • buena girl as duchess
  • the flea as berlioz
  • penny plutonium as marie
  • double ninja ninja as toulouse
  • pierre del fuego as scat cat
  • zero kelvin as shun gon
  • minotoro as hit cat
  • french twist as peppo
  • potato potata jr. as billy boss
  • ensalada de frutas as roquefort
  • electricity as abigail gabble
  • cindy slam as amelia gabble
  • megawatt as uncle waldo
  • la flamencita as frou-frou
  • tic tac toe as napoleon
  • sonic sumo as lafayette
  • el perrito as frog
  • lone star as edgar
  • mr. flea as georges hautecourt
  • buena mom as madame adelaide bonfamille

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