• rikochet as roger rabbit
  • buena girl as jessica rabbit
  • the flea as eddie valiant
  • penny plutonium as dolores
  • chinche as judge doom
  • snow pea as baby harman
  • minotoro as benny the cab
  • electricity as mrs harman
  • megawatt as singing sword
  • ensalada de frutas as smart ass
  • el perrito as pyscho
  • zero kelvin as greasy
  • double ninja ninja as stupid
  • pierre del fuego as wheezy
  • cindy slam as lena hyena
  • dragonfly as hyacinth hippo
  • potato potata jr. as bongo the gorilla
  • la pulguita as shoe
  • french twist, kid wombat jr and heavy traffic as bullets
  • la flamencita, tomato tomata and prima donna hodge as birds

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