This is the 4th volume in Mucha Lucha's Vintage Pop Collection by Madacy Latino.


  1. Footloose
  2. Raspberry Beret
  3. You Spin Me Round
  4. Just Can't Get Enough
  5. Living on a Prayer (sung by the Flea with Rikochet as Tommy and Buena Girl as Gina)
  6. Celebration
  7. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Rikochet)
  8. What's Love Got To Do
  9. I'm So Excited
  10. Like a Virgin
  11. Material Girl (Buena Girl)
  12. Freeze Frame
  13. Walk Like an Egyptian (Buena Girl)
  14. Mickey
  15. Don't Stop Believing
  16. Holiday
  17. Karma Chameleon (Sung by Rikochet)
  18. Jenny (867-5309) (sung by Rikochet with Buena Girl as "Jenny")
  19. Tenderness (a duet between Rikochet and Buena)
  20. I've Done Everything for You (a love song between Rikochet and Buena)
  21. Billie Jean (Rikochet)
  22. Smooth Criminal (Rikochet)
  23. Glory Days
  24. Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Buena Girl)
  26. Centerfold (Sung by Rikochet to Buena, Rope Girl and Cindy)
  27. Jessie's Girl (Sung by Rikochet to Rope Girl, Buena and Cindy Slam)
  28. Gotta Have Faith
  29. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  30. The Safety Dance (Skate Lad and Rikochet)
  31.  ???

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