Rapunzel bound and gagged by Mother Gothel

"Mm, mm, MM!"

In many films and media, many characters can let out muffled cries and/or screams, usually behind someone's hand or a gag, or when bouncing around inside some monster's mouth. Also, a character can scream into a pillow. Usually, muffled cries and screams are serious, but some of them can be funny.

Muffled Cries and Screams are as follows:

Kayley (Quest for Camelot)

Nani (Lilo and Stitch)

Wendy Wu

Jane (Return to Never Land)

Marion Ravenwood (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Young Pocahontas

Angie (Shark Tale)

Lin Yuan Guo (The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor)

Vorb (We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story)

Rapunzel (Tangled)

Lara (Justin and the Knights of Valour)

Sour Bill (Wreck-It Ralph)


Tina (Supernatural: About a Boy)

Peter Quill/Star-Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy)