Near Future

2017 - 2037: At sometime during this period, a major war might break out between the old machines, Such as McQueen, and the much newer ones, such as Clear and the Alphas.

2020: The entire series might be complete around this time or later.

c.2030: Clear and the Alphas may start operating more slowly, both physically and mentally, due to their age.

January 19, 2038: Clear and the Alphas may lose hundreds of memory files due to the Y2K38 problem. If so, then this will mark the end of their lives now that they are rendered usless.

c.2050: Assuming its current growth rate continues, Radiator Springs may become overpopulated around this time or later.

2071: The Cowboy Bebop characters lived around this time.

Far Future

2805: WALL-E lived around this time.

802,701: The main events of "The Time Machine" occur. These characters are yet to be introduced.

850,000: Midorijima will have eroded away.

1,000,000: Sodor will have sunken back under the irish sea.

10 Million: CGI characters will have completley replaced Anime ones.

5 Billion: Sun dies, takes the Earth with it.

Beyond 5 Billion: Only radio frequences from Earth travel through space.

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