This is a Multi Parody for Mister Moose's Fun Time freaturing everyone from your favorite shows!

Thomas/Mister Moose's Fun Time cast

  • Thomas/Mister Moose
  • Sir Topham Hatt/Captain Kangaroo
  • Toby/Bunny Rabbit
  • Percy/Joey
  • James/Mr. GreenJeans
  • Edward/Grandfather Clock

?????/Jamie the Mouse cast

  • ?????/Jamie
  • ?????/Velvet the Mole
  • ?????/Pete the Canary
  • ?????/Yang the Golden Carp
  • ?????/other animals

The Angry Beavers/Bob & Scott cast

  • Norbert/Bob
  • Dagget/Scott

?????/Slurps cast

  • ?????/Slurps
  • ?????/other animals

?????/Big Sister & Little Brother cast

  • ?????/Big Sister
  • ?????/Little Brother
  • ?????/Mommy
  • ?????/Daddy

TUGS/Thomas cast

  • Ten Cents/Thomas
  • Hercules/Edward
  • Warrior/Henry
  • Big Mac/Gordon
  • Top Hat/James
  • Sunshine/Percy
  • OJ/Toby
  • Captain Star/Sir Topham Hatt

?????/The Wiggles cast

  • ?????/Greg
  • ?????/Murray
  • ?????/Anthony
  • ?????/Jeff

?????/Funnybones cast

  • ?????/Big Skeleton
  • ?????/Little Skeleton
  • ?????/Dog Skeleton

Skarloey/Icy Ice & the Iceburgs cast

  • Skarloey/Red Penguin
  • Sir Handel/Blue Penguin
  • Peter Sam/Green Penguin
  • Rheneas/Penguin with Pink top hat
  • Rusty/Purple Penguin

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