A multi-franchise parody of the Thomas episode, "Best Dressed Engine".


- Alpha 1 (Cameo)

- Alpha 2

- James

- Gordon

- Percy

- Clear

- Aoba Seragaki

- Sir Topham Hatt

- Lightning McQueen

- Mater (Cameo)

- Red


It was midday on the Island of Sodor. Lots of characters from around the world were celebrating the decoration of Knapford station. Sir Topham Hatt said that all the characters could be decorated too.

"I'm going to have flags and streamers!", cried Percy in excitement. "I'm going to have a big red banner.", whistled Thomas. "Master will dress me up in luxurious clothing to celebrate with you all.", Exclaimed Clear. "I'm going to be painted with flames!", Cried McQueen. "So get ready for Lightning to strike the party!" "What jacked up decorations will you have, Gordon?" Asked Aoba. "Decorations aren't dignified for an important engine like me. I pull the express!" Gordon was feeling insulted. Then, he chuckled. "Silly little engines and robots.", he grunted. Thomas was enjoying himself. He was bringing the maypole. The farmer's children waved. Thomas peeped happily as he passed by. Soon, it was time to be decorated! Percy's driver was wrapping streamers and flags around his funnel, and Thomas had a big red banner on his tanks. Even Red the fire truck was being decorated. Although, he was very shy about it. "We can have a contest for the best dressed character.", Suggested James. Just then, Gordon shunted in. "A contest?", he puffed. "I'm bound to win any contest." "You must be decorated, re-painted, and have your parts checked once every 3 months." Proclaimed Clear. "That's what master always tells me." "Not me, you silly gear-person.", Puffed Gordon. "You'd never catch me looking so ridiculous!" "Don't speak to me like that!", snapped Clear. "Whoah, whoah, whoah!", cried McQueen. "Let's be nice." Clear just said nothing, and walked off to be dressed by Aoba as fast as his battery would push him. The engines and the cars felt splendid. But not Gordon. He was cross. "Decorations aren't dignified. Pah! Who cares about a contest anyway?", he snapped to himself. Further down his line, a colorful banner was strung across the bridge. Then, as Gordon steamed across the bridge, it came loose and wrapped around his firebox. Gordon couldn't see the line ahead. Gordon tried to whoosh the banner off, but it wouldn't budge! "I can't see!", he whistled loudly to his driver. "Stop!" "You can't stop, Gordon! You're the express!", cried his driver. The Alphas were walking down the road up ahead, pulling a heavy radio flyer wagon full of apples for the children's apple bob. Then, the Alphas heard a whistle! (Gordon blows his whistle) They were pulling the heavy wagon as fast as they could. But it wasn't fast enough!! (Gordon hits the Alphas and their wagon with a loud "Thump-Crash!") The apples were all smashed. Mater was the last machine to join the contest. Or so he thought. "Here comes Gordon!", cried the passengers. "We didn't think the poor idiot wanted to be decorated.", Cried Alpha 2. "I didn't.", snapped Gordon. "Well, you're definitely the best dressed engine!", claimed McQueen. Clear, the cars, and all the other machines agreed. Gordon was secretly pleased, but he didn't think it was dignified to say so. Silly Gordon.....


- The Alphas, Clear, and Aoba Seregaki from Dramatical Murder make their debut.

- This was the only episode in which one of the Alphas speak.


- McQueen has several areas of chipped red paint.

- The narrator says that mater was the last machine to join the contest. But in the up-close shot of the station, he is not present.

- When Alpha 2 insults Gordon, his eyes are wonky.


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