- Clear

- Aoba

- Arlo

- Sir Topham Hatt

- Thomas

- Victor

- Flynn

- Kevin (Does not speak)

- Mack


Race to the rescue. The animated characters from around the world are all special. Some are big. Some are small. Some farm in the wilderness, and some shunt freight cars. And then, there's Flynn, the Sodor fire engine. One morning, Flynn was in the steamworks. Flynn's road wheels were wobbly. But Victor was fixing him. Flynn looked worried. "Have you finished yet, Victor?" He Asked. Victor chuffed kindly. "Don't worry my friend, all will be well." Thomas wanted to make his friend Flynn feel happy. "You are a very special fire engine, Flynn." He tooted. "You can ride on the rails, or roll on the roads." Flynn was even more worried. "But i haven't rolled on the roads for a very long time!" He said nervously. "My wheels will.....wobble!" "No they won't." Thomas smiled. "You're fixed! Now you can rescue on the roads as well as the rails." Victor steamed. "Thank you Victor. Thank you Thomas." Said Flynn. And he trundled slowly away. Flynn stopped at a quiet junction. "No one is here to see me." He said quietly. "I'll try out my road wheels." So Flynn rolled onto the road. He wobbled ALL OVER the road. He didn't feel like fiery Flynn at all! Just then, Clear walked by. He looked at Flynn and laughed. "Good afternoon, Sir." He said calmly. "Kindly leave the road. You are scaring master with your erradic driving." "What he said!" Cried Aoba. Flynn was confused, and a bit cross. "What are you saying, you snow-haired guy?" "Well, to put it simply," he began, "you look like a big red wobble on wheels!" Flynn wanted to laugh, but he felt silly. "It looks like some other ancient Sodor machines need you at the search and rescue center." Said Clear. "You must hurry.....if your wobbly wheels will let you." Flynn made a decision. "I don't want people to see me on the road." He honked. "They'll think i'm a big red wobble on wheels. I'll roll back on the rails!" So Flynn wobbled back on to the tracks. At the Sodor search and rescue center, Mack was pleased t o see Flynn. "I hate to break up the road rally, Flynn, but...Sir Topham Hatt's shed is on fire!" He called. "Fiery Flynn, roaring to the rescue!" (Flynn turns on his siren) "You must hustle!" Cried Mack. "And remember to take the streets!" Flynn gulped. He didn't want to take the roads. If he did, then he would be caught wobbling. "Don't worry, Mack." Cried Flynn. "I'll race on the rails, and be there faster than quick!" "If you say so, Flynn." Warned Mack. But Flynn had already raced away. On the tracks, Flynn felt fast. Flynn felt fearless! Then, he saw Arlo. Arlo had cut his foot, and couldn't walk any further. Flynn slowed. "Howdy, Flynn." Said Arlo. "I need to be transported to the Sodor search and rescue center. Can you help?" Flynn wanted to help Arlo. But that meant he would have to roll onto the roads. And he didn't want Arlo to see him wobble. He didn't want to be called a "big red wobble on wheels". "I'm very sorry, Arlo." Honked Flynn. "I have to race to an emergency! Sir Topham Hatt's shed is on fire!" And Flynn rattled on. At the RailRoad crossing, the gates were closed. Flynn had to stop. Going on the tracks was taking a very long time. "Flaming funnels!" Cried Flynn. "I'm late to fight Sir Topham Hatt's fire!" Then, Flynn saw Sally the porsche. Her engine had overheated. Her 3 passengers watched and waited. "Hello Sally." Said Flynn. "What's the problem?" "It's my engine, Flynn." Gasped Sally. "I need water to cool it down. Can you help?" Flynn wanted to help Sally. But he didn't want to get caught wobbling on the roads. "I'm very sorry, Sally. I have to race to an emergency!" He called. "Sir Topham Hatt's shed is on fire!" Flynn felt bad, but it was better than feeling silly. So Flynn raced on! At last, he pulled up to the burning shed. There was a crowd around it. Sir Topham Hatt was cross. "Flynn! Where have you been? This was an emergency!" He said sternly. "I raced as fast as I could, sir." Protested Flynn. "But why did you come on the rails?" He asked. "I told Mack that you must arrive on the road!" "I'm sorry sir, I was-" "No more excuses, Flynn." He boomed. "No more delay!" Flynn looked at the fire. Then he looked at the crowd. "Oh my, now there are even more people to see me wobble!" He said sadly. "And even more people to call me a 'big red wobble on wheels'. I can't. I can't go onto the road." Flynn felt terrible. "I'm not fiery Flynn." He honked sadly. "I'm frightened Flynn. Sir Topham Hatt's shed is burning down. And it's all my fault!" Flynn looked at the crowd once more. They were waiting and watching. "Hooray for Flynn!" Shouted a boy. "Our fire-fighting hero has arrived!" Flynn looked, and he listened. Then, his wheels stopped wobbling! "I am fiery Flynn!" He cried. "I am Sodor's firefighter. And I want to be a hero! I don't mind if they call me a 'big red wobble on wheels'. I'm coming sir!" Flynn raced to the road! His wheels wobbled, but he didn't mind. He was firefighter Flynn of the rail AND roads. "Stand back for Flynn!" Cried Sir Topham Hatt. Everyone cheered. Water flew into the fire. The flames flickered, and fizziled out. "Well done, Flynn!" Said Sir Topham Hatt. "Thank you sir! But now I must hurry. I have others to rescue! (Flynn starts his siren again) First, Flynn rescued Sally. He pumped in water to cool her engine. Then, Clear chuffed to a stop beside them. He chuckled. "There he is! My friend the 'big red wobble on wheels'!" This time, Flynn didn't mind Clear's joke. "I may wobble, but i'm roaring to the rescue! Bye Sally!" Flynn flashed a smile as he set off. Next, Flynn parked next to Arlo. "Here I am, Arlo! Roraring to the rescue!" Arlo was surprised. "Thank you Flynn!" He called. Flynn raced along the roads! He arrived at the search and rescue center. Thomas was there. "Hello Flynn." He said. "You're not wobbling at all!" Flynn was surprised. "You mean i'm not a 'big red wobble on wheels'?" He asked. Thomas laughed. No, you're a big red hero on wheels!" And this time, Flynn's wheels did wobble. With joy. And they all shared a laugh.


- Arlo, Flynn, Victor, Kevin, and Mack make their debut.

- This was the first episode to use the three strikes formula.


- When Flynn first encounters Clear, there are dark smudge marks in his white hair.

- Arlo's cut on his foot shrinks between shots.

- Sally's left rear-view mirror is missing in the first up close shot of her.



"To put it simply, you look like a big red wobble on wheels!"


Flynn feels insulted.

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